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EXO-K’s happy virus Chanyeol is known for having a face and voice that don’t match up. More »

Looks like many of you were smitten by our male idols bashfully showing us their bbuing bbuing aegyo. But if you thought that was the end of it, well, you would be wrong. Why? Because I give to you more male idols doing the infamous bbuing bbuing aegyo. Your oppars are teh awkward with aegyo. More »

SHINee held a mini fan meeting after their goodbye stage for M! Countdown and they delighted the many fans there with their hilarious and cute antics. More »

The term and trend phase bbuing bbuing all started with High Kick 3, coined by Lee Jong Suk. ‘Bbuing Bbuing’ is the aegyo in which you put your fists next to your cheeks in an effort to get people to do what you ask. And now that craze has hit your favorite KPOP idols. We know girls can effortlessly pull off the aegyo, but guys…not so much since they like to keep up their masculine images, which is why it’s even funnier when they attempt the ‘bbuing bbuing’. More »

EXO held their 1st debut showcase in Seoul on March 31st where Super Junior’s Leeteuk hosted their showcase and there, it seems that he was somehow able to get Kai, Tao, and Sehun to show off their bbuing bbuing skills for the camera, delighting the fans present. More »

The term bbuing bbuing (which refers to puffing your cheeks out and put your hands near your cheeks as aegyo) was made popular (and famous) through the sitcom High Kick and maknae Seungri of BIG BANG has been caught in action with this pose. More »

It was reported in OSEN that the ‘Bbuing Bbuing‘ pose has become a trend not only to the fans but also to the idols of Korea. More »

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