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From Rekuru: The anime Black Rock Shooter will be releasing its retail Special Edition and along with it comes a stop-motion video featuring Joe Hahn’s remix of Supercell’s “Black Rock Shooter” as announced on “Asa Made Nama Won-Hobby TV 8 web show.” More »

Some of the spring season anime has already begun. Most of it looks pretty boring though. The only series I’m really interested in is Arakawa Under the Bridge. I have watched Heroman and B Gata H Kei though, and didn’t like them. Heroman might get better, but I only watched B Gata H Kei because of the intriguing description. More »

From what I could gather through Babelfish and what other people are saying, people will be able to watch the Black Rock Shooter anime by streaming it. The voice actors for BRS and Dead Master have also been decided on. There’s also new merchandise available, specifically a figma and nendoroid for BRS. More »

Black Rock Shooter is a character designed by Huke which inspired the song named after her. Although the voice in the song is Hatsune Miku, they’re not the same character. Which is a mistake many people make, including myself. There’s also an anime being made with a pilot edition already released. And it looks great. More »

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