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From Rekuru: It’s been a month since baseball seasons officially kicked off and with it, people have already built their own baseball teams in real life…and in the fantasy world. So what if you built your own little fantasy team out of anime characters? Who would make the cut? Well…here is one possible line up. More »

From Rekuru: It’s April Fools Day! Some people love this special day…while others absolutely despise it. In the anime world, which ones would be fun to prank and which ones should you NEVER try and prank. Let’s check out a few, shall we? More »

From Rekuru:

All-girl band STEREOPHONY has plans to appear and perform at Washington State’s annual anime convention Sakura-Con 2012, which will take place from April 6th to the 8th in Seattle. More »

From Rekuru: Bleach fans…sad news… The Bleach anime series will be coming to an end in March. More »

From Rekuru: An interesting event has come across. Warner Brothers aquired the rights to the live-action version of Tite Kubo’s anime/manga Bleach. More »

From Rekuru: SCANDAL is making their return and they’re kicking it off by revealing the PV for their 12th single, “HARUKAZE”. More »

From Rekuru:

Tite Kubo’s popular manga “BLEACH,” after celebrating ten years running last year, is finally entering into its final story arc. More »

From Rekuru: It’s January, which means…SNOW!!! And with snow comes snow days and when you have a snow day, you just have to have a snowball fight!!! When having a snowball fight, just like playing kickball on the playground, you need to pick the best team. So which 7 anime characters would make up the best team possible? Let’s see… More »

From Rekuru: Christmas shopping is currently under way, but for me, one of the funnest things to do are fill people’s stockings. You can put a wide range of things in the stockings from little gag gifts to something practical. Check out some of the stocking stuffers that I would be in these anime character’s stockings. More »

From Rekuru: It’s been ten years since the music group, Gorillaz debuted in 2001. Ironically, that is the same year that Bleach hit Weekly Shonen Jump. To celebrate, Bleach’s creator, Tite Kubo decided to turn Gorillaz’s fictional characters into Shinigami. More »

From Flauntme: Are you obsessed with Bleach the anime and can’t get enough of it? Well guess what, Youtube user, IHaveACupcake, creates a pretty cool Bleach nail art design, great for anyone who is a fan of this awesome anime. To see this amazing design watch her video below. More »

From Rekuru: Thanksgiving is just around the corner (at least in the U.S.) and if your family is like mine, you tend to invite friends over for dinner. So what if you could invite an anime character? There would be so many that I would want to invite over, but there are some specific people I wouldn’t want to invite over for fear of embarrassment, awkwardness, or…possibly destroying the house. More »

From Rekuru:

It’s coming to the holiday season which everyone loves, but it might get hard choosing what to buy for your friends who are Anime fans! Well I’ve come to help you out with a few ideas on things which you could use for your friends! More »

Wonder what others may be dressing as? Well here, just for you I made this! Coming from some of the most popular anime out right now (or just ever!), some cosplay looks!! More »

From Rekuru:

Bleach will once again (This would be the second time.) have their opening theme song sung by SCANDAL! More »

From Wirebot: The first Bleach game to make it to the PS3, Bleach Soul Ignition finally makes its commercial debut for the TV screen. Sony makes it a point to bring the action for this gameplay peek at what the game will be about. More »

Today’s song of the day, courtesy of henrietta21, features Younha’s “Comet.” Her Japanese debut song, known as “Go! Younha,” some of you may recognize this from the 3rd ending for the anime Bleach. The first track off her 1.5th Korean album “Comet,” this piano rock song along with her powerful vocals is amazing! More »

Many epic anime characters have been presented in the year of 2010. For the Ningin End of the Year Awards, I will be selecting my top 5 best anime character choices and then I will be choosing the one who I think deserves the title of Best Anime Character. More »

There were many great animes in the year of 2010. I’m nominating the Top Five Animes of the year not just fitting to my opinion but with the help of statistics as well. Then I will be picking the best choice out of the five based on my judgment. Feel free to agree or disagree, rest assured there will be no hard feelings. The Top Five Animes I have nominated in no particular order are: More »

From Wirebot: Hey all you Bleach fans do I have good news for you! A new Bleach game titled Soul Ignition is in development and it’ll be the first one to be on a next gen console, the Playstation 3. More »

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