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Sonic has ran away from Sega and everyone is frantically looking for him. It’s been reported that he was sighted in Russia, promoting Pall Mall cigarettes. What happened to him? He used to be such a nice hedgehog… More »

Even though cats have destroyed more Japanese homes than anyone cares to admit (that’s what you get for making your walls out of paper!) the Japanese just can’t get enough. Which is why I’m about to fill your daily cup of ‘cute’ until it overflows. More »

Missed anything? Here’s what happened at Ningin this week: More »

Blink, and you just might miss just about everything thats happened this week. For serial blinkers and lazy people, the weekly wrap-up is just for you. More »

Recently, Korean media law has taken some huge strides. They are dead serious this time. KBS has been seen taking action against smaller video sharing blogs. Blogs that do not even share CDs or tour dvds but only TV material. You know, stuff that you could watch for FREE if you only lived in Korea, stuff that feeds you becoming a fan in the first place. More »

Nicole Richie is tearing her hair out or eating a dozen of Krispy Kreme’s glazed donuts right now. Bitch is probably upset because she just got words that crazy ass  Bai Ling could be her stepmom anytime soon. Yes, some reliable source revealed that crazy Bai and Lionel Richie were on a romantic date at the Viceroy in Santa Monica last week. More »

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you all bought your own little baby chickens and rabbits. Or not.

Social news is back up if you didn’t know! We’ve completely revamped how it works so that it’ll be easier for you to be the little newscrawler that you are. Also, we’re still looking for bloggers for our gaming website!

Here’s this week’s wrap up! More »

Ah, Wonder Girls…what can I say about the Wonder Girls? It’s not really what I would like to say, but how I feel about them. I’m not good with words, but I will try to express my personal thoughts about them through text as best as I can (and hopefully not go overboard). Hopefully, by the end of this entry, most of you will have gained like (if not love…yet) and respect for them as well. More »

I’ve never been that interested in Korean music. I consider myself first and foremost a Japanese music fan. Despite the fact that I would tell this to all my friends I still had people who would try and convince me to give Korean music a chance. Sure I would listen to Lee Hyori or KARA occasionally, but nothing really caught my attention. And then one day my friend sent me a link to a Korean music video called ‘Irony.’ I usually brushed off her suggestions like all her other Korean fads, but she eventually talked me into watching it by telling me about the rapper of the group, Hyun A. If ever I had a weakness it is Asian rapper girls. ‘Irony’ intrigued me more than any other Korean music had in a very long time. It was the perfect balance of peppy pop, dance/electronica, and urban-rap feel. More »

Last week, as some of you may know, Caroline took me to the Wonder Girls JYP concert as an early birthday present. I have finally gotten around to writing it up. Here we go!

After waiting in line for what seemed an eternity, we finally got into the hall. The sound manager had a Mac and some pretty cool equipment. I just couldn’t resist taking a photo. More »

Yes, it’s true I have an obsession with these girls! lol Who doesn’t?? I am always writing about the Wonder Girls on my blog and I enjoy it!

I still can’t believe that I saw them yesterday! I miss them *:(*

I found out about the Wonder Girls during spring ‘08 through a friend of mine. He told me “Hey check out this MV; ‘So Hot’, you’ll love it” and so I did…and BAMMM!! It love for them hahahaha I was so impressed with the dancing skills, vocals skill and the overall presence they expressed!

Read the rest here. More »

I was hesitant to post my entry for ningin’s contest over here since it isn’t really a personal blog, but then again, posting this here would allow me to reach out to more people, wonderfuls or non-wonderfuls or wonderfuls-to-be. So here goes…

2008-8-27: Yep, up till this date i clearly remember how i got to know wonder girls (that’s when my love for them started multiplying up till this day.) Youtube was the one that got me to know wonder girls. I wasn’t a kpop-fan, nor do i listen to any kpop then. But I’m really thankful that i clicked on that 120×90 pixel thumbnail of 5 girls in retro-colorful clothes out of curiosity.

Read the rest here. More »

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It’s been almost three months since my last upgrade post. Yea…things keep coming up. The Megaman Movie Trailer, the BoA interview, the End of the Year Special, America’s Best Dance Crew, drunken holiday parties + hangover recovery time, launching ZiggyTek — our gadget site, I was sick (no really I was), etc. In a way, it was kinda a perfect storm of events for Ningin as our growth has been skyrocketing from all those different things combined. Well, not the being sick and drunk part. More »

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