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Despite having a rather hectic schedule due to their recent comeback with ‘Janus’, Boyfriend took the time off to actually go to the nearest street food stall to eat some yummy ddukkbokki (spicy rice cakes) with their stage outfits on! More »

Today’s song of the day features Boyfriend’s “Kimi no Shiranai Story.” The second track from their 1st Japanese single “Be My Shine,” how do our readers like their vocals on this sweet sounding song?

More »

Boyfriend is back in action with “Janus” and the guys did a quick interview for LOEN Entertainment’s C.S.I interview series to discuss their return!

During the interview, the guys talk about their new album, new look, and even talk about how to tell the difference between Kwangmin and Youngmin.

Check out the video below (and if you haven’t checked out their album yet, follow this link).


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Well Best Friends…if you’re waiting for your physical copy of Boyfriend’s brand new full-length album “Janus“, you’ll have to wait a little while longer as Starship Entertainment has pushed the release back due to packaging issues. More »

Boyfriend’s return is finally here with their first full-length album and the MV for “Janus“! More »

While Boyfriend is currently gearing up for their comeback with ‘Janus‘, SISTAR’s Bora left a sweet message for her fellow dongsaengs. More »

Boyfriend will be making their Korean comeback this week, but they are also releasing their new double A-side Japanese single “Dance Dance Dance with You/My Lady ~A Lover in Winter” this month too! So check out the short PVs for their new Japanese single here! More »

Boyfriend’s return with their first full-length album “Janus” is just around the corner, and their getting Best Friends ready with their concept photo and tracklist. More »

Boyfriend’s return is only a couple days away and now it’s time to preview the MV with the “Janus” teaser. More »

We’re 3 days away from Boyfriend’s return, and Minwoo has unveiled his teaser image! More »

Boyfriend is back again with the teasing and this time its Jeongmin once again! However, instead of bringing his hair up like the previous one, he decided to let it fall down. More »

So far Kwangmin, Youngmin, Donghyun and Jeongmin have revealed their teaser images for Boyfriend’s comeback. Now it’s Hyunseong’s turn to reveal his! More »

Boyfriend continues to tease us with their teaser photos and up next we have, Minwoo! More »

Boyfriend has been teasing all week for their first full album, and Youngmin is stepping up to the plate with his teaser image. More »

Boyfriend’s return with their first album is just around the corner, and Jeongmin is stepping into the spotlight with his teaser image. More »

Boyfriend is preparing for their comeback, and now it’s Donghyun’s turn to reveal his concept photo. More »

After revealing the individual photo of his other twin, Kwangmin, as well as, member Donghyun, Boyfriend has just released another individual concept photo to tease us just a bit more. This time the other twin we have been waiting for, Youngmin! More »

Boyfriend will be unleashing their second Japanese single in November, and they’re teasing their Japanese Best Friends with the audio teasers for “Dance Dance Dance With You” and “My Lady ~A Lover In Winter~More »

Boyfriend’s return with their first album is coming, and Hyunseong is getting Best Friends ready with his teaser image. More »

After revealing the group concept photo of Boyfriend’s upcoming comeback, they now start to reveal the individual concept photos of each of the members, and first up we have Kwangmin! More »

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