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T-ARA Mania returns for the mid-week! So what’s the news? The girls’ official Japanese debut site opens together with their Gusto food site (Japanese) and Jiyeon is confirmed for Death Bell 2! To top it all off there are more random pictures! (The girls love taking pics of themselves). More »

I think SM simply just wants us to go crazy. This is a 2-part blog, the first was the release of Girls’ Generation’s version, which was released about less than half a day apart. This music video is just slightly shorter than the Girls’ Generation version. More »

The sales competition between phones between Samsung and LG are usually neck and neck, the biggest rivalry in phones, trading spots depending on the model. Literally, that has a double meaning. The jaw-dropper hottie Son Dam Bi was in one corner representing Samsung’s bright new technology AMOLED and the finely elegant Kim Tae Hee was strutting her stuff for LG’s Arena. More »

From Ziggytek Blog: LG, the world’s 3rd largest manufacturer of cellular phones has put Samsung and all its competitors on notice, they’re gunning for the #2 spot and they’re sure they’ll get there by 2012. LG’s head of the mobile division, Ahn Seung-kwon told the Korean Yohap News Agency some pretty interesting stuff. More »

It’s that time of the month where I’m expecting my cellphone bill to come and haunt me to deduct money from my bank account. Upon retrieving it from my mailbox, I found it strange that it was in an envelope since in the last six months or so, it wasn’t in one — meaning it was folded and taped up into a single document kind of thing. Warily, I opened it up, expecting stupid advertisements. Along with my phone bills in Korean and in English (the latter must be a new feature), I saw the Boys Over Flowers advertisement brochure you see to your left. More »

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