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From Rekuru: As reported last month, Code Geass: Nunnally in Wonderland original video anime will be released on blue-ray and DVD. A promotional video has been released. More »

From Rekuru: As reported here last month, Code Geass: Nunnally in Wonderland original video anime will be released on blue-ray and DVD. Lelouch will use his power for his sister Nunnally, who loves Alice in Wonderland. The character’s roles has been revealed: More »

From Rekuru: As reported here, Code Geass will be turned to a stage play. The story line will be started from episode 9 and later. The producers of the stage play will be recreating the Knightmare frame mecha for the stage play. More »

From Rekuru: The official website of Code Geass revealed that a Nunnally in Wonderland original video anime will be released on blue-ray and DVD, which will both include a 40 page picture book. More »

From Rekuru: On Thursday, Sunrise announced an all male cast for the Code Geass stage musical will perform in Tokyo’s Tennōzu Ginga Gekijō theater from June 28 to July 8. More »

From Rekuru: On Thursday, it was announced that the film adaption of the anime Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is currently being planned. More »

From Rekuru: The anime Code Geass will be turned to a stage play. More »

Wonder what others may be dressing as? Well here, just for you I made this! Coming from some of the most popular anime out right now (or just ever!), some cosplay looks!! More »

Welcome to Cartoon Corner, featuring cartoons drawn by yours truly! Every few days or so I’ll post an original cartoon for you Ninginers to enjoy while you’re not in an intense MLG match or preoccupied by the latest news about your favorite idols. More »

There can never be enough traps. Every series can always benefit from a good trap or two. There’s even h-games that let you play as one. Sneaking them into an all girls school is a pretty common theme. More »

Since Mai focused on a male-centric version of the best celebrity valentines, I decided to take the XX chromosomes route. While everyone has their own opinion of the perfect Valentine, this list will vary from the cute sweet to the sexy sultry.

Enjoy! More »

Media based on a shared world past are in their own category; historicals come in many forms like movies, novels, or mini-series. We notice when history inspires Anime and Manga, the most infamous series come about. At their height of popularity shows like Lady Oscar and Inuyasha inadvertently peaked peoples interest into their own planets past.

Inuyasha, written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi is also known as ”the Feudal Fairy Tale”. The Manga strip ran as a weekly series in a magazine called Shōnen Sunday. This adaptation lasted over 12 years from 1996 to 2008 and followed the adventures of a young girl as she was swept back to the Sengoku Era of Japan. The fantasy aspect of the Anime and Manga at times made reference to Japanese history and brought many things to light besides mythology. One episode in particular talks of Oda Nobunaga aka Demon King who was the first individual to attempt to unify Japan at the end of the Warring States period. The comedic part is the main male character of Inuyasha, is a mythological hanyu (half demon) himself. Although the Oda Nobunaga in the series was never relative to the real one, we do hear about the one that actually existed in several scenes. In fact it is the other female lead, Kagomewho is very impressed with the Nobunaga she meets and tells her friends all about the other legendary Nobunaga. More »

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