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I’ve never been that interested in Korean music. I consider myself first and foremost a Japanese music fan. Despite the fact that I would tell this to all my friends I still had people who would try and convince me to give Korean music a chance. Sure I would listen to Lee Hyori or KARA occasionally, but nothing really caught my attention. And then one day my friend sent me a link to a Korean music video called ‘Irony.’ I usually brushed off her suggestions like all her other Korean fads, but she eventually talked me into watching it by telling me about the rapper of the group, Hyun A. If ever I had a weakness it is Asian rapper girls. ‘Irony’ intrigued me more than any other Korean music had in a very long time. It was the perfect balance of peppy pop, dance/electronica, and urban-rap feel. More »

Last week, as some of you may know, Caroline took me to the Wonder Girls JYP concert as an early birthday present. I have finally gotten around to writing it up. Here we go!

After waiting in line for what seemed an eternity, we finally got into the hall. The sound manager had a Mac and some pretty cool equipment. I just couldn’t resist taking a photo. More »

Yes, it’s true I have an obsession with these girls! lol Who doesn’t?? I am always writing about the Wonder Girls on my blog and I enjoy it!

I still can’t believe that I saw them yesterday! I miss them *:(*

I found out about the Wonder Girls during spring ‘08 through a friend of mine. He told me “Hey check out this MV; ‘So Hot’, you’ll love it” and so I did…and BAMMM!! It love for them hahahaha I was so impressed with the dancing skills, vocals skill and the overall presence they expressed!

Read the rest here. More »

I was hesitant to post my entry for ningin’s contest over here since it isn’t really a personal blog, but then again, posting this here would allow me to reach out to more people, wonderfuls or non-wonderfuls or wonderfuls-to-be. So here goes…

2008-8-27: Yep, up till this date i clearly remember how i got to know wonder girls (that’s when my love for them started multiplying up till this day.) Youtube was the one that got me to know wonder girls. I wasn’t a kpop-fan, nor do i listen to any kpop then. But I’m really thankful that i clicked on that 120×90 pixel thumbnail of 5 girls in retro-colorful clothes out of curiosity.

Read the rest here. More »

The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco is going to be hit by an Asian American musical storm this Friday — The International Secret Agents Concert! Jin the MC, Far East Movement, Wong Fu Productions, Jessi Malay, Paul Dateh, Passion, a special American’s Best Dance Crew Set (featuring Della and Meme of A.S.I.I.D., Glenda of Fanny Pak, and DJ Virman), and DJ Romeo from San Fran’s Wild 94.9 — like hot damn! How could you not be going if you live in the Bay Area?!

One lucky person is going to get an official International Secret Agents poster, Far East Movement’s new album “Animal”, and a DVD from Wong Fu productions — all autographed — delivered to their doorstep. That Ningin winner is: More »

We meant to get to this last week, but between BoA and Wonder Girl stuff, we were really busy these past few days.

I hope you Beat Freaks fans aren’t too upset for not winning season 3! Both Quest and Beat Freaks were awesome crews and the winner really could’ve gone to anyone. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Beat Freaks in the future and Ningin will be there to cover it. More »

This was another super popular contest. It’s too bad we don’t have more Utada stuff to give away. It’s even more unfortunate she doesn’t do many concerts and performances. But we’ve been in touch with her label and publicist so hopefully some things will work out. More »

I’m back from following the JYP Tour from Coast-to-Coast and, wow, I’ve been missing some drama on Ningin!

I’ve read all your comments. First, I understand Team Platinum Heart’s disappointment about not dancing all together on stage with Wonder Girls. I was at the LA show (actually I was at all the shows!) and I know that there was a lot of confusion backstage. I know PH didn’t get to meet 2pm and JYP, but I assure you it was not intentional. In order to make up for it, PH got to hang with WG three times backstage — including in the dressing room with WG while JYP was on stage. It was the best that could be done under the circumstances. In the end, JYP Ent had to put on a show for thousands of people and that had to take priority number one. More »

Moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco this year, The International Secret Agents Concert returns in 2009! This year’s lineup leads with Jin the MC back from Hong Kong, Wong Fu Productions, and the Far East Movement. The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco will host the event on March 20. And check out the poster! It’s super cool and can be yours along with Far East Movement’s new album Animal and a DVD from Wong Fu productions — all autographed, of course! More »

Ningin is very proud to have hosted this contest and to provide this two-way bridge between mega pops, the Wonder Girls, and their Wonderful fans. It’s something that I hope to be the first of many such bridges. So long as Asian pop stars continue to be supported by their fans, Ningin will be sure to make more magical things happen! More »

For the most part, everyone knew the dance moves and did them well. So we were looking for something original and creative. But this is a dance contest. So the most important thing was the dancing which had to be crisp, sharp, and in the case of groups, in synced. We favored videos with less editing because it’s harder to dance straight throughout the video without stopping. Still this left quite a few videos to only select 10 best. So then we looked for creativity and something different that distinguished the videos from each other. More »

I think we can all say it’s been a good week? I’m glad so many people have entered the Wonder Girls Dance Contest. There were so many good videos; it’s great to know that so many people worked hard for WG. Good luck to all the entries!

Despite that one WG contest is ending, there are 2 more in addition to a couple other contest. Be sure to check them all out!

Enjoi! More »

After much YouTubing, we are getting very close to choosing our top 10. We still have some prepping and a final round of deliberation before we can release the top 10. In the meantime, I thought you’ll be interested in some notes I have from the contest. More »

Had a chance to talk to JYP today. He’s also seen a lot of the entries and it made him really happy that so many people have entered. Since you guys put him a good mood, he’s upping the prizes. The Grand Prize winners, you won’t just be meeting with the Wonder Girls but you’ll also be meeting with JYP and 2PM.

JYP offered other stuff for the winners as well which I’ll announce tomorrow. I need to double check something first.

Utada has been pretty busy since we last interviewed her. Faithful Utada fans should have already seen her LA video by now. Only a few more weeks till Utada’s new album is coming out. I know I’m very excited. In the meantime, here’s a small Utada fix that will help pass the time – Utada Contest #2 for an autographed Exodus album. More »

I don’t know if you guys have caught the theme we’ve been using but contest #1 uses video and contest #2 uses blogs. This contest #3 uses photos and artwork. That makes a trifecta of user generated content. The Wonder Girls series of contest is about rewarding you Wonderful fans for creating media that will help set the stage for the eventual Wonder Girls American debut. The reward of course being personal autographed items from the Wonder Girls themselves, the most valued gifts any fan could receive. More »

We’ve already got a lot of good entries. There’s only about seven days left to enter! Remember, last chance to enter is midnight the 26th EST.

First, some clarifications: The grand prize winner, 1st runner up, and 2nd runner up, you’re not just getting one autographed Wonder Girl item, you’re getting at least three things autographed if you win. Also the grand prize winner can get more things autographed since they are meeting the Wonder Girls personally. So I’m saying, if you’re the grand prize winner, it’ll be krazy of you not to bring some Wonder Girl stuff for autographs. More »

I know this was supposed to be announced earlier, but there’s a lot of stuff going on right now. Plus it took us some time to weed out duplicate entries and things like that. Anyway congrats to the following Ningin users: More »

… definitely a lucky person! What a contest! This has definitely been the most popular contest Ningin has ever hosted by a lot in terms of total entries. We had close to 500 entries on the first day alone. A good number of entries also included messages to Utada. I hope you guys know Utada isn’t receiving these messages. However, we’ll send them over to Utada’s publicist but no guarantees she’ll read or respond to them. It’s too bad we don’t have more prizes to give away. We’ll see about getting more when her album comes out. More »

I don’t think it’s a big secret why the Wonder Girls are trying hard to learn English. America is considered the big stage when it comes to entertainment and the Wonder Girls hope to successfully perform on it…one day. We here at Ningin want the Wonder Girls to crossover as well. In general we want every Asian artist, actors, and filmmaker to crossover successfully. It’s what Ningin cares about, it’s why Ningin exists. More »

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