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We haven’t been seeing teaser photos for the past few days, but you’ll be thrilled to know that a new group teaser has just been released! More »

EXO fans have been thrilled with all of the teaser images that have been coming out, and here’s another group photo! More »

After revealing the individual teasers of the nine members, EXO now reveals the individual teaser photos of the last three remaining members, and they are Tao, Xiumin and Luhan! More »

Members of rookie group EXO participated in their first ever MBC Athletic Idol Championship, which will air later this weekend. More »

Singer Han Geng has returned with a new song for the OST of movie Cloud Atlas. More »

Super Junior-M returned with 2nd album Break Down on January 7th and member Eunhyuk shared a group picture on his Twitter. More »

For a limited period, SM will be running a Pop-Up Store that will carry exclusive goods that have never been seen before (and of course will fetch a pretty price or two). More »

Along with their upcoming comeback with second album Break Down, to be released January 7th, Super Junior-M will also be singing the theme song for Chinese movie Saving General Yang. More »

Super Junior-M will be returning with their 2nd album Break Down on January 7th following nearly a two year absence in the Chinese music scene and a little before the release of the album and music video, SMTOWN has shared the concept pictures of the members through the official Weibo. More »

Despite the fact that we all definitely love KPOP with all our hearts, it is still important for us to recognize the greatness of CPOP - another amazing Asian-genre music that we definitely adore. There are a great pool of talented CPOP artists that deserves the biggest applause, even though a lot of you might not even know who they are. However, music has no limits or borders, and therefore, here I bring you the EoTY Awards Editors’ Choice Awards: Best CPOP Artist of the Year! More »

Super Junior-M is prepping for their comeback with new album Break Down and the release date has been announced! More »

2012 brought out many great ballads, dance tracks, rock songs, R&B pieces, and more. The Editors have voted and it’s time to reveal their choice for the Best Song of the Year. More »

EXO-M, whose comeback seems so close yet so far away, has closed out 2012 with a New Year’s greeting for 2013 and unseen pictures. More »

Super Junior-M’s Henry, who will soon be returning to the stage with Super Junior-M in their new track Break Down, has wished his fans a Happy New Year. More »

After previously teasing fans with a sneak peek at their choreography, it appears that Super Junior-M will be making a comeback soon, according to a tweet through SMTOWN’s official twitter. More »

This year we’ve seen so many great MVs released across Asia this year; some will have you laughing hysterically, others will have you tearing up at the emotional rollercoaster storyline, and a few are just be incredible pieces of art. So which one was the Best Asian MV of the Year? The editors have made their pick. Find out who they’ve chosen! More »

Rookie groups EXO-K and EXO-M have shot their first official calendars for SMTOWN, and not only that, but two different versions as well. More »

It’s been well over a year since Super Junior-M released new music and after a little bit of hinting from the members, it seems that the group is underway with its comeback preparations. More »

There has been an explosion of rookies this year! Especially in the male group department. Some came out ready for battle like warriors while others decided to be the cute boys next door. However, which ones stood out to the editors this year? Check out the nominees for Best New Male Group of the Year! More »

It seems that in the midst of the supposed comeback preparations, EXO-K will be appearing in a new photoshoot. More »

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