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And we’re back with your super fan, (STAN?) bringing you the best news for T-ara! Unfortunately, due to the Naval ship tragedy, no music shows were aired for the previous week. However, the girls utilized this adversity to their advantage and got a head start out in Thailand. They interviewed for a few radio shows, did a conference and even performed there. They got to worry less about their rigorous dance rehearsals for the other three music shows; And in my opinion, it would have been too draining to do that much at once. More »

The beautiful girls of T-ARA worked up a storm so far this week, so I have plenty of updates for you guys! I’m just in awe when I find out that they have new endorsements updates several times during the week. More »

After only one week, T-ARA is on top of every important music chart there is in Korea. (I like my girls on top). Although stiff competition comes from groups like Kara and Girls’ Generation, the powerful rookie group is ahead of all of their peers. More »

T-ara has been topping charts, topping men’s hearts and making strong comeback’s on MNET with Crazy because of You. More »

For T-ara they are officially calling a comeback for a new single; Crazy Because of You. Where did they go? Nowhere if you ask me. A couple days go by that they aren’t in a page headline, all hell breaks loose in Korean media, so thus they call it a “comeback.” Well what are we complaining about? More T-ara for us! More »

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