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Now that the series has ended, I can safely say this was easily the best anime from fall 2009. Darker Than Black had promise but the ending was complete crap. The only other 2 shows I liked, Nyan Koi and Kimi ni Todoke were good but I love Trapeze so much more. Every episode had strong points and none of them were a waste. Some were just better than others but even the weaker episodes were worth watching. The last episode also did a great job of connecting the series together and it’s pretty satisfying now that I finished it. I know I’m going to wish for more later though. I’ll especially miss Irabu’s creepy laughter.

I never realized how good the Darker Than Black soundtrack was until I started listening to some of it on Youtube. Especially “Total Eclipse.” This makes me want to re-watch the first season. I barely remember the music in it. Probably because I didn’t really pay attention to it before. This also gets me excited for the 2nd season’s OST with the amazing music used near the end of the 9th episode. More »

Darker Than Black DVDs will include a special side story for every second DVD release. This is good news because it’ll explain the gap between the first and second season. There’s a short PV shown at their main site. It’s pretty cool and the second season is one of the good animes airing this season. Always nice to see the Darker Than Black world being expanded on. If you haven’t watched it before, it can be compared to X-men in a way. More »

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