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SM groups DBSK, f(x), and Super Junior-M are expected to represent Korea in China’s upcoming Shanghai World Expo. Do they fit Korea’s image? More »

Soon after its release, DBSK’s “Best Selection 2010″ Album climbed up quickly on the Japanese music and sales charts alike. But it didn’t stop there, the album made #1 on the United World Chart for the week of Feb. 22th - Feb. 28th! More »

A week ago we launched a giveaway of a TVXQ The 3rd Asia Tour Concert “Mirotic” in Seoul 3DVD + Photobook + Bookmark set, courtesy of YesAsia. The giveaway has since ended and it’s now time to announce the winner. Drum roll, please! More »

Kpop may have its cool sides and all but there are some sad trends that have been popping up now and then. For 2010, apparently netizens find it fun to find videos of managers hitting or assaulting fans ever since C.N BLUE’s manager was found guilty and then SHINee’s…and now they have found DBSK’s manager also guilty of this violent act. More »

It has been revealed before in one of Big Bang G-Dragon’s solo interviews that he was once a trainee at SM Entertainment for 5 years. Therefore not surprisingly, G-Dragon finally revealed that he and the DBSK hyungs have been good friends for quite awhile. More »

Now that we’ve got you under our lovespell of amazing February giveaways, we’ve made it so that you’ll be ours forever. As part of a new weekly giveaway, we’re giving away one TVXQ The 3rd Asia Tour Concert “Mirotic” in Seoul 3DVD + Photobook + Bookmark set, courtesy of YesAsia. More »

TVXQ is on quite the leader of the honorary boy band honor roll. Only the first day of sales and they have easily reached 228,000 units sold. This puts them on yet another record sales in Japan since 2007. The die hard cassies were probably raiding the TVXQ trucks. They are on track to sell all 650K shipped pre-orders. More »

Miss something on Ningin last week? Don’t worry — I’ve come down with Awesome Blog Post Overload Syndrome. It’s an illness where the only cure is for you to check out all the great posts from last week: More »

TVXQ announced earlier that they would release a new ballad for their upcoming “Best Of” album and it will also be used in a movie in Japan. More »

Today’s Music Video of the Day will feature an all star group consisting of BoA, Tablo (Epik High), Jin Bora, and Xiah Junsu (DBSK/Tohoshinki) called Anyband. More »

I’m sure you know about TVXQ’s Yunho and his donation to Haiti not too long ago that was discovered by fans who happened to watch a show and his name showed up as a donor. And if that’s not enough, Yunho strikes again! This time he uses his popularity in Japan as a way to get fans overseas to donate. More »

Get intimate with Jaejoong of DBSK/Tohoshinki in the recent issue of S Kawaii Magazine. Get to know what kind of room he has, his hobbies, and favorite movie and music. Also, if you’re single, he wants you to send him chocolate on Valentine’s Day so he won’t feel so lonely! More »

TVXQ broke Elton John’s record by becoming the first “Foreign Artist In 12 Years To Sell Over 200K In Singles For Initial Sales.” This single being the 29th of theirs, is 7th of their singles that has made an outstanding no.1 rank making this a sale a double award. To make NO.1 Oricon was big enough, but this record is a behemoth. More »

Tohoshinki (preferred as TVXQ/DBSKk due to S.M. litigation) had their single break out into the no.1 Oricon spot. To beat their competition was no easy mark, as they were only up against some of the best in Japan, Funky Monkey Baby’s (who impressed me in Kouhaku), L’Arc~en~ciel, and AAA. More »

Yes. You read that right! Ellen DeGeneres wants YOUR suggestions for international music. From what I heard, TVXQ is leading by a large number. Cassies are sure fighting hard! The have beaten out 2PM’s Hottests and SS501 fans. More »

Oh boy were there many! 2009, is by far the worst year for kpop. So many things happened whether they were big or not. In America, scandals can be seen as a popularity increase, and a pretty much carefree issue, but in Korea, it’s something you try to avoid. More »

2009 was definitely a year of ups and downs, unfortunately more downs than up. In Japan they were pretty stable, nothing was fantastically up or horribly down. Korea had the worst year in music so far, not just in 2009, but of all time, in which I feel had rivaled America for dramatic turmoil. More »

TVXQ, despite all what’s been going on with them still managed to rank no.3 on the Oricon ANNUAL rankings. It’s pretty tough to maintain your rank after one week, let alone one year. It’s also very difficult for a foreigner to grace the top 10 in Japan, a record which was only broken by BoA who ranked no.1 on Oricon in 2002. More »

Jessica Jung’s Legally Blonde (Or Ginger) theatrical was quite a success, so for Xiah Junsu to follow along is a no-brainer. And look at the pictures! I had to be told it was him. I was like who’s the new white pirate? Is this a play for Pirates of the Caribbean? Oops, it’s Xiah from TVXQ! Doh, sorry! More »

Korean entertainment has been noted as the cleanest, purest that one could fathom, in which sins and scandals are typically far and few between. It’s the end for an artist if they even imagined a scandal, let alone fulfill it. Lately, the entire Korean entertainment world has been a complete trainwreck. There has been no shortage of mayhem, and I’m tired just writing it out. More »

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