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Ever have those mornings after a long debaucherous night, only to realize you don’t remember a thing? I know I have once or five times. How about waking up only to find that you can’t remember a thing from being inside a hyper-sleep chamber in deep space? Don’t look at me guys, I’m actually not an alien — can’t shed any light on that. Perhaps, the upcoming Pandorum film featuring world-class martial artist Cung Le, will? Le plays Manh, a space crew member that aids Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster’s characters into figuring out what happened while hungover, deep space-style. I can’t promise full space cadet-hood with the Pandorum Pin game, but at least you’ll remember it. That’s how good it is this week. More »

To be fair, I am all for Asian actors getting meatier non-martial arts/prostitute roles in Hollywood these days, but just not this one.  My most despised actress Zhang Ziyi has a movie called “The Horsemen” that is being released this week. It also stars Dennis Quaid, who apparently is no longer an A-list actor since he’s forced to star alongside this shameless ho.

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