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Looks like NH Media is not really planning on giving U-KISS a break any time soon. More »

U-KISS continues to be busy as they pretty much have had non-stop activities since last year. With their 3rd Japanese single Dear My Friend being released, U-KISS will release their 1st Japanese album DORADORA in September. More »

With so many artists coming back with new albums you’re bound to see a bunch of MVs, but it’s hard to pick out which MV is THE BEST. More »

Last month, the boys of U-KISS released their 6th mini-album DORADORA and they have now prepared a special treat for Kiss Mes. More »

Last month, U-KISS returned to the music scene with 6th mini-album DORADORA with an ‘Inception’-like MV and though fans have seen BTS shots of the MV set, the boys took some selcas on the set to share with fans. More »

Having just returned with a ’sexy guy’ concept with DORADORA, U-KISS will leave you looking for an inhaler as they kill you with much eye candy for their NYLON Korea photoshoot. More »

U-KISS recently made their return with 6th mini-album DORADORA but before they made their return, the boys (or rather, Kevin, Eli, AJ) starred on Star Kitchen. More »

On April 25th, U-KISS returned with their 6th mini-album DORADORA and the boys have been making appearances on several radio shows and variety shows since then. More »

Boy group U-KISS may have just returned with 6th mini-album DORADORA, but the boys are already prepping for their 3rd Japanese single, Dear My Friend. More »

U-KISS has recently made a comeback with their 6th mini-album DORADORA and the MV for said song was released on April 27th. What was unique in the MV was the fact that it looked as if the boys were emulating ‘Inception’ as some of the members were walking on the walls, laying down on a bed that was attached to the side of the wall, and so forth. And now, fans can take a look at some pictures from the MV making. More »

On April 25th, U-KISS released their 6th mini-album DORADORA and their concept was quite interesting as it showed each member’s own ‘romantic’ concept. More »

Last week, U-KISS made their comeback on M! Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo with fun and electrifying performances for comeback track DORADORA, and now, the 7-member group is set to make their debut performance for their comeback on Show! Champion. More »

U-KISS recently made their return with their sixth mini-album ‘DORADORA‘ and the song as well as the choreography have been receiving love from fans. The members’ transformations have been noticed as well, with Eli’s return to blonde hair and Kiseop’s new bright red hairdo. More »

…If you’re lucky enough to meet them and steal one of their hearts. U-Kiss has been promoting in Japan until recently, and now they’re back with “DORADORA“! More »

U-KISS finally released their sixth mini-album ‘DORADORA‘ yesterday and have given fans the excuse to break their replay button. Thanks to the album release we knew what ‘DORADORA’ sounded like and now the music video has finally dropped as well! More »

U-KISS‘ 6th mini-album “DORADORA” is out and the guys tweeted their excitement for the release. More »

U-KISS is ready to return to the Korean stage with their 6th mini-album “DORADORA”. More »

U-KISS will be making a return with 6th mini-album DORADORA this coming week on April 25th, but before the boys take you into overdrive with their ‘Inception’-like MV, the boys would like to share some selcas taken on the set of the MV. More »

Though U-KISS promoted Neverland during summer of last year, it was still an amazing song and MV that they gave to KPOP fans, so why not relive the memories with pictures from the MV making? More »

U-KISS will make a return to the music scene with 6th mini-album DORADORA (whose meaning means ‘crazy crazy’) and after seeing a teaser for the MV, the boys have come back with another group teaser picture. More »

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