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On the January 26th episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Entertainment Relay‘ predictions have been made on the face of HaHa and Byul’s baby. More »

From Rekuru: Recently, the PV for YU-A’s “Kataomoi” from her upcoming album titled, ‘Dream‘, has been released. More »

Earlier this week, Pledis Entertainment introduced their new female rookie group, Hello Venus, but some of you may have recognized Yoo Ara and Yunjo as future members of After School. More »

From Rekuru: YU-A announced the release of her 3rd album. More »

From Rekuru:

After releasing ‘recording and photoshoot’video for their new single, “Dreaming Girls“, Dream has finally unveiled a short version of the PV! More »

From Rekuru: Girl group DREAM will be singing for the theme song of the upcoming live-action adaptation of Detective Conan series, called “A Challenge to Kudo Shinichi ~ The Mystery of the Legend of the Monster Bird“. More »

Today’s song of the day courtesy of user nhattie is FreeQ’s Dream. It’s a Korean song that’s a little bit electro and a little hip hop. Enjoy: More »

So here we are, on my 7th edition about this controversial matter about Jae Bum leaving his band through his past Myspace mistakes. And I appreciate everyone for enjoying by my summaries, I discovered I have many new readers! Although you all hide in the shadows and don’t reply. BOOO. You know you can click one button and it logs you into Facebook, right? Do it, thanks! More »

Another week in the 2PM drama, or is it? Oh, please there’s never a dull week in the dubbed top controversy of the year (or perhaps all time?) in the Kpop world. Although the drama cooled down from the fans themselves, JYP decided to add his own drama and tension, executed through his mysterious ways. Check it out. More »

Welcome, back Lazy-(Jae)bums, and fans for this edition of my lazy man’s 2PM news sumary summary. Things are just getting warmed up here and alarming as the news is for 2PM, they did win “Top Entertainment Issue” of the year. More »

Is there ever a quiet week in 2pm-ville? Just when I though it was going to be slow, because there was a few quiet days — but oh no way, it happens to be one of the more crazy 2PM weeks! And since you guys/gals thought my first 3 segments were informative, and somewhat entertaining (?) I’ll keep pressing on, in this past week in the life of 2PM. More »

If only I could switch spots. I could use a break right now. From school, life, whatever. I envy Son Dam Bi who got to chill in a foreign country and just hang out with her friends. She went to Hawaii, of course, probably one of the best states to walk around and enjoy the scenery of the beach…and meet beautiful people in swim suits. More »

Welcome back lazy readers! This is another segment of the week in 2pm. I’m glad you all were able to digest my easy to read articles, because we know what time we are wasting sifting through all the hundreds of articles about the same thing. It’s been a little quieter than the rest of the previous weeks — perhaps because the Hottests are in fact human, and need to recover sometimes. This does not mean nothing was going on, but many important breakthroughs behind the scene were unveiled. More »

Maybe this dream concert isn’t very dreamy at all. Sometimes it could be a nightmare. Dream Concert, the concert of mixed emotions! The Dream Concert has always had a controversy. More »

The summer produced some unbelievably good dramas ranging from funny to romantic, you name it.The following are my picks for best dramas of the summer that made me click and click, anticipating for more. More »

Come see these two Korean stars perform in LA! Interestingly, I wanted to see these two stars. They are very popular in Korea. These two celebrities also filmed some really good dramas. Lee Seung Gi filmed Shining Inheritanceand this drama was the most popular show while it was aired. I just finished the whole series in about two days. It was that good. As soon as one episode ended, I could not help but click on the next episode. More »

Sweats are fashionable? Hold on there, you lazy bums who never get dressed. Your marriage might be saved thanks to Son Dam Bi. No, she isn’t encouraging you to not comb your hair in the morning and look like you don’t give a care after a year of marriage. The fashionistas are simply pointing out a continuing trend in her show DREAM. More »

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