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- AOA reveals their dance practice video for their current single, “Get Out.”

- For those looking for a neutral/Naked-esque palette dupe, check out if NYX’s 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette fits the bill with Caviar & Bubbles.

- Do any of you Assassin’s Creed fans have any favorite scenes to add to this epic list?

- This cool coffee maker would be able to recognize you and give you the perfect cup of coffee every time!

- For something that looks inspired by a plastic bag, how ridiculously priced are these high heels?

- An adorably cute and delicious-looking cake featuring My Melody has nabbed today’s Pixs’ Pick of the Day.

- The first teaser poster for Iron Man 3 is now out!

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- As pretty in pictures as they are in real life, here are 13 idols who don’t need any photoshopping done at all.

- See if the It’s Skin Color Play Platinum Lipstick is worth the try in Jinra’s review.

- Today’s Plushie of the Day features none other than the cutie Rilakkuma, friends, and squishable-looking stars.

- In the new Medal of Honor Warfighter trailer, a look at the new Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack is revealed.

- For those in the US that are a fan of the casual style of Uniqlo, you can now order from them online!

- Stephen Colbert picks up a cameo in the upcoming “The Hobbit” trilogy film.

- The first sneak peeks of the iPad 4 have surfaced online.

- What happens when Taylor Swift’s catchy lyrics are used as…pick up lines?

- GENERATIONS drops their new PV for “BRAVE IT OUT!”

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- Are you following these 10 idols who have managed to become some of the most followed on Twitter.

- Want to wear stylish eyeliner but have trouble creating even lines on both eyes? See how NYX’s The Curve Eyeliner does in Jinra’s review.

- Kendall and Kylie aren’t just little sisters of the Kardashians but also official fashionistas?

- Gamers will be happy to hear that $50 has been dropped from the Halo 4 Limited Edition Xbox bundle.

- It seems like the main cast for Twilight will be promoting Breaking Dawn - Part 2 in different countries.

- A cute Superman is featured as today’s Unique USB.

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- With good reason, Shin Bora manages to resist a kiss from TVXQ.

- Those with shine woes might want to check out how NYX’s Shine Killer did in Jinra’s review.

- It seems like Nick Jonas has gotten a bit of ink on his arm…

- Herschel Supply Co. reveals a look into their Holiday 2012 Collection.

- Show off this graphic fox and butterfly for your iPhone that is featured in today’s iCase of the Day.

- This is definitely one boss joke that only Neil Armstrong could tell.

- The Nintendo Wii gets a satisfying price cut to $130 for those in the US.

- 3Peace☆Lovers drops their new PV teaser for “Love Evolution.”

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- Taiwan fans will be ecstatic to hear that 2NE1 will definitely be stopping there on their “New Evolution Tour.”

- See if the Mizon Intensive Firming Solution Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream (whew!) lives up to its promising name in Jinra’s review.

- With their charming looks, it’s not so hard to believe that the One Direction guys were “bad boys” at school.

- It seems as though your daily Starbucks with be getting a fashionable upgrade with the brand’s latest collaboration with Rodarte.

- Apple gets sued for a particular “eye” photo to promote their beloved Retina Display MacBook Pros.

- The latest SimCity movie shows off quite a different aspect of gameplay with mother nature and the unknown making their impact.

- How the comic book Captain America would look like if the real one were based on the drawn specifications.

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- Poor Thunder is forever alone with only one pop-friendly buddy in today’s Gif of the Day.

- Demi Lovato flaunts blue hair and a natural look as the latest cover model for Teen Vogue.

- Soon all shows on Netflix will be captioned!

- One Direction sidesteps the music to venture into the beauty world with their first fragrance.

- This week’s upcoming game releases are out! Any titles you’re looking forward to?

- A sleeker calculator alternative is featured in today’s App of the Day.

- The real reasoning as to why you turn subtitles on for something you’re watching.

- Charlotte Ronson’s sub-line for JCPenney gets priced even lower for the fashionista on a budget.

- Say your greetings to Sayonara Ponytail, who have just announced their 1st mini album!

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- A big congrats to CNBLUE, who has hit their 1000 Day Anniversary and have posted cute selcas to commemorate.

- Check out how essence’s XXXL shine lip gloss in red blossom does in Jinra’s review.

- Beliebers are in for a treat as Justin Bieber recently put on an acoustic version of “As Long As You Love Me.”

- Mila Kunis grabs the top spot for “sexiest woman alive” in Esquire’s 2012 ranking.

- US’s PSN is set to receive the awaited “Under Defeat” title pretty soon.

- You think you know what BFs are? Here’s the true image of BFFFLs…literally.

- How about a “Buster” to deck out your iPad like the one featured in today’s iSkin of the Day.

- The PV for AKB48’s latest single, “UZA” is now out!

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- The “Gangnam Style” love isn’t over just yet, with the latest dancers being a certain 1D member.

- For a hydrating-sounding sphere of wonder, see if TONY MOLY’s Aqua Aura Moisture Cream is able to do the trick.

- Starbucks users will soon be able to pay for their fix with Square.

- Take a peek at the first male model for “The Price is Right.”

- A One Direction fanfic writer manages to get an actual book deal.

- Michelle Obama steps out in Jason Wu’s upcoming “Miss Wu” line.

- This week’s Sales Charts is filled with a lot of big name games that seem to be doing pretty well.

- Why would you want to eat Doritos regularly when you can get it in powdered form to put over everything!

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- The Best KPOP Couple winner that bested the rest is none other than this particularly popular Super Junior OTP.

- See if “Grey-T to be Here” by essence’s colour & go nail polish can be your new fall staple in Jinra’s review.

- Have a to-go theater anywhere you are with the Smart Forstars smart car concept.

- A food-based makeup look that might not be for everyone…

- Achievements for Medal of Honor Warfighter have been revealed.

- Harry Potter fans will surely love today’s Cupcake of the Day.

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- Kara gets rated by plastic surgeons on their appearance - who do you think did the best?

- For luscious lashes, see if the Goddess Lashes Signature Mink Lashes do the job in Jinra’s review.

- The N’Sync love is still strong with a bandmate commenting on Justin Timberlake’s upcoming marriage.

- KDDI has developed new technology that allows you to unlock your phone with your palm.

- A cute white pomeranian with a peculiar accessory is today’s Pixs’ Pick of the Day.

- Louboutin has just dropped a new style for their Fall/Winter 2012 collection.

- Some of the most clever YouTube comments ever posted.

- How the new Resident Evil 6 is like in this PS3 vs. Xbox comparison video.

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- LUNAFLY has finally released the MV for their current single, “Super Hero.”

- Looking for a skin stress reliever? See how Etude House’s Green Tea Sheet Mask fared in Sandy’s review.

- You can now preview some of the new items in Forever 21’s second Hello Kitty Collection!

- Looking as ripped as ever, take a look at the first released photo of Hugh Jackman for “Wolverine.”

- Any takers for some of the upcoming game releases that will be out this week - a lot of anticipated big titles.

- Offering cutely mini figures, check out MadeWithClayAndLove in today’s Daily Etsy.

- Lovers of Angry Birds will surely enjoy today’s App of the Day, “Bad Piggies.”

- An adorable hedgehog that seems to love belly strokes too much…but in a good way.

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- After his recent enlistment announcement, Leeteuk shares his feelings on the situation.

- Find out if the cuteness of the It’s Skin’s Babyface Petit Blusher performs just as well in Jinra’s review.

- Robert Pattinson takes the next step in trying to work things out with Kristen with an interesting trial move.

- RPG fans might want to read just how well Epic Raiders fared for Emily before picking it up for their iDevice.

- The items in Christian Louboutin’s new Autumn 2012 Lookbook have gone to Paris.

- Carry a bit of magic everywhere you go with Cinderella’s Pink Pumpkin Carriage USB on your keychain.

- If your current life is not ideal, how about living as a Pokemon Master instead?

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- For Goo Hara’s older brother, it seems another KARA member has captured his heart

- Check out Sandy’s review on the TONY MOLY Dear Me Petite Cotton Pact (whew!) to see if it it could be the perfect take-along to combat oily-prone skin.

- Being introduced to the POPINATOR, you’ll never want to eat popcorn with your hands again.

- Chris Brown’s latest ink seems to be affecting more than observers, seeing as it could be a “painful reminder” for ex-gf Rihanna.

- Available now, ticket holders are able to cash in with an early release perk for FIFA Soccer 13!

- The adorably cute way that a dinosaur is able to have an all-in-one escalator and stairs.

- A happy congratulations and welcome to AKEMI’s new little bundle of joy.

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- Brown Eyed GirlsMiryo shares an embarrassingly cute moment she recently had at home.

- Taylor Swift has gone through lots of hairstyles over the years, which of her many looks was your favorite?

- Before September ends, here are 8 must watch movies that you should check out.

- Peek at the first ads for Nicki Minaj’s “Pink Friday” fragrance.

- Konami drops a new Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance trailer from TGS 2012.

- Have a laugh at The Hunger Games, who has just gotten the bad lip reading treatment.

- Unleash your inner DJ with today’s App of the Day, Baby Scratch.

- GILLE has debuted the PV for their latest single, “GIRLS.”

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- With these 9 Asian Pop Songs, you definitely won’t be able to just sit still.

- MISSHA’s upcoming F/W 2012 collection looks like a real beaut and fitting for whatever your makeup style may be.

- The release date for Ke$ha’s upcoming album has been announced!

- AT&T starts up their LTE services in 8 new locations that will surely please customers.

- The future looks bright for PS3, who is expected to make more of a profit this year.

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- Have you seen Changmin’s teaser photo for TVXQ’s comeback yet?

- One Direction has arrived once again with the new release of their “Live While We’re Young” music video!

- Louis Vuitton goes for a 2nd wave with artist Yayoi Kasuma in their latest canvas collection.

- With the design similarities to a certain Apple product…could HP be the next company under fire for a lawsuit?

- Let your digits float away with these subtle feathers featured in today’s Daily Nail Art.

- It seems like fans will have to wait a little longer for Soul Sacrifice with new news arriving from TGS 2012 this week.

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- A new scandal surfaces for Big Bang’s Seungri and interestingly enough, YG has come out to say something about this one.

- It doesn’t seem like either side is backing down, with Apple fans shooting back a comeback to Samsung’s latest ad.

- Lucy Hale and Chris Zylka seem to have called it quits.

- Keep your skin extra protected with today’s Beauty Tip of the Day.

- Iggy Azalea has recently been named representative for Levi’s new “Go Forth” campaign and she looks gorgeous!

- A new Call of Duty trailer has been released that makes a call to the zombies for Black Ops 2.

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- SNSD love holds strong in Japan with their latest single “Oh!” quickly claiming the #1 music chart spot.

- With a name like Superstar, this nail polish from NARS‘ newest Andy Warhol Color Collection looks like a winner, but read Jinra’s review to find out if it performs A+ as well.

- Taking inspiration from various crown jewels, Whitney Eve’s new Spring/Summer 2013 line shines pretty brightly.

- A collection of amazing cityscapes have been crafted out of…computer parts?

- GameStop has you covered if you want to trade in any of your old systems for money off the upcoming Wii U.

- Justin Bieber joins Sophia Grace and Rosie for one adorable “Tea Time.”

- It all makes sense now…how Apple’s Development Team really worked to come up with the “improvements” on the iPhone 5.

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- Not even the ladies of SNSD can escape the addicting influence of the “Gangnam Style” wave.

- Named the “Satellite of Love,” see if this new Highlighting Blush from NARSAndy Warhol Color Collection will be your holiday staple in Jinra’s review.

- Providing functional protection and style, Tangram’s Smart Top iPad Stand is quite appealing.

- The Veronicas are back and have already dropped their comeback music video, “Lotila.”

- Konami has just announced their next big game and from the intense trailer, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is looking awesome.

- It seems as though Rachel Zoe’s promising clothing line might not be doing so well…

- Whether your childhood was filled with a lot of these or a little, you have to admit that you’ve made at least one pen tornado in your lifetime.

- A shirtless Liam Hemsworth can be spotted in the actor’s latest trailer for his next film, “Love and Honor.”

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- With VIPs holding a bated breath, it seems like Big Bang’s Taeyang has found…the one?!

- For those that want a bit of color without anything sitting too heavily on their lips, check out Jessica’s review on the Tony Moly Tony Tint to see if it’ll fit the bill for you.

- Through some sharp Directioner eyes, it seems like Harry Styles has gotten some new ink.

- Looking cute already from the title sequence, see how Magic Tree fared in Emily’s iPhone/iPod Touch review.

- The influence of Apple seems limitless, even creeping into people’s color preference for cars.

- Now you can channel your inner Waldo with ease, thanks to Warby Parker’s fun move with this geek chic frame.

- After the adult’s slight salary drama, the kids of Modern Family have negotiated their raise without too much fuss.

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