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The secret’s out: I have so many words for the recent Secret Hello TV photoshoot. So many. Where do I even start? The hair, the awkward crouching pose that makes me think they’re advertising laxatives, the facial expressions… If I could come up with a caption for this photo, it’d be: More »

Easy question. I would want to be Ask Ketchum from Pokemon! Tell me who hasn’t played Pokemon? That is almost everyone’s childhood game and show. I still have all my games ever since it came out as the blue,red, and yellow version. I remember staying up all night and day trying to be the best Pokemon trainer in the world! Then again, I was 5, and I didn’t even know how to pass some levels. More »

Wonder Girls just finished their Myspace page. We know this because Ningin just finished designing it for them. It’s not something we normally do, nor do we especially like doing Myspace layouts in general. But JYP asked and we just couldn’t say no. So if you have a Myspace account, go friend them!

Please don’t ask us to do your Myspace page for you. Like I said, this is not what we do on a normal basis. More »

My parents came to America thirty years ago—well, my dad came here a little earlier—but for my whole life, it’s just been my mom, my dad and my big brother; the rest of my family still lives in Taiwan. So, when it comes to Chinese New Year, our traditions are a little different, or should I say, flexible.

As children, my brother and I were like any other kid who came from a family that celebrated the lunar new year: we looked forward to 紅包 (hong bao) payday. Or should I say, those red envelopes stuffed with crisp, new bills, which all of my non-Asian friends knew about/were eager to know about; in the spirit of the holiday, I gave them sacks of chocolate coins. As for other Asian kids who had extended family in the states, they made their rounds and collected red envelopes like the tax man from hell. More »

Yesterday I went to Ktown in NYC. I was so excited I nearly knocked myself out when I saw the Korean supermarket (completely overpriced btw). I didn’t really do much other than explore the stores and visited the PC bang. It resembled the ones in Korea a lot except it was missing the clouds of smoke. I miss Taegu, Korea so much, especially after being NYC. Although all my friends aren’t there anymore, we all still talk about moving back one day and how much we regret leaving. Lol. ^^

Anyways here’s this week’s round up! More »

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