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Park Bom, G-Dragon, and Park Myung Soo have all found their long lost twins! Well, not exactly, but they have found people who share their exact appearance! On the September 13 broadcast of SBS’s ‘Hallyu Olympic’, three guests More »

Yang Hyun Suk revealed that there had been plans of a Big Bang + Jay Park unit. On the September 7th episode of SBS‘s ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’, YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk and JYP Entertainment’s J.Y. Park appeared as guests on the show. More »

2011 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix is coming real soon. The race showcases some of the best artists of the world, including, Grammy-award-winning, Linkin Park, Shakira and so many more! Not to forget Korea’s very own Big Bang will be joining the list of performers during this annual event. Check out Big Bang’s message to Singapore, inviting them to watch out for them! More »

Don’t you guys always see a lot of your favorite idols taking pictures with their dogs, cats, or chickens? To me, they look extremely cute! Just so you know, these are not just random animals they take a picture with, but some are their own. Therefore, if some of you guys missed out on the pictures, why don’t you check it out now? More »

Recently the announcement that G-Dragon would be making a solo comeback in October had the fans squealing with happiness. We can’t be sure if it will be in October, since revising is constantly happening. The fans are looking forward to his new solo which would be first release since “Shine A Light” in March 2010. More »

I don’t know if you remember when Generous G-Dragon fans donate money to help cure sick child and being touched by this G-Dragon donates $50,000 for his birthday. The reason I’m mentioning this is because on September 5th, these two people with the same name met! More »

Actress Lee Yin Hye revealed to the public that G-Dragon had once hugged her. On September 8th, QTV’s “Women’s Rankings“, the best five undisclosed videos on “My life’s greatest consolations?” were revealed and it was a topic on Lee Yin Hye’s story. More »

BIG BANG’s G-Dragon recently got another tattoo. He was seen 2NE1 concert held a few weeks back and more recently at a children’s hospital charity event, and observant VIPs were able to catch his new tat. More »

Remember how a little back, BIG BANG’s leader, GD, showed off his new shaved, shorn locks? Wow, there is a reason why he shaved his head. And no, it wasn’t because of the military. More »

When bad braids happen to good idols, well they don’t look that good anymore. Hair changes appearances so much that braids done wrong just looks weird. On the other hand if done correctly KPOP idols can look really adorable with them. Here’s some that didn’t work out quite well. More »

There are a lot of idols who diet and watch what they eat in order to maintain the weight they need to be at. But not all idols watch what they eat. Check out the 11 idols/groups who do not! More »

Block B Zico goes over people associated to KPOP and what he thinks of them.He looks up to G-Dragon and respects him sying he is the “king of idols in this country”. Also he makes a short mention of Seungri about his song “Strong Baby” featuring G-Dragon. More »

Cable TV Y-STAR conducted a survey amongst 1,000 Seoul residents asking who they felt was the ultimate idol star and why. So who took first? Big Bang’s G-Dragon took first thanks to his songwriting, composing, and rapping skills. More »

Poll of the Week is a weekly feature on Ningin where we will be polling all of you to see who you would choose for each scenario! Sometimes you will be able to choose between a couple of people, sometimes within a group, and other times between groups! More »

The Ningin Round Table is a feature in which we pose an Asian entertainment news-related question to Ningin writers and they give us their colorful opinions and thoughts on the matter. With New York Fashion Week around the corner, we’ve had fashion on the mind lately. We recently asked our writers, “Which idol style trend would you want to adapt for yourself?” Here’s what they had to say: More »

Big Bang’s leader, G-Dragon, has responded to his fans’ heartfelt birthday gift with a donation of his own. More »

BIG BANG’s leader, G-Dragon, recently celebrated his 23rd birthday (24) in Korea and was so touched by fans’ birthday wishes and messages that he left a warm thank you message on his UFO TOWN page. More »

As birthdays of Asian celebrities come and go, Ningin will be informing you each day just which Asian celebrity may it be idols, actors, actresses, comedians, etc, will be celebrating their birthdays on the corresponding days. Check out which Asian celebrities celebrate their birthday today (8/18) below. More »

Big Bang’s G-Dragon, BEAST, 2AM’s Seulong, and actor Yoo Seung Ho recently took part in a charitable campaign called the ‘Barefoot Campaign’ for Singles magazine to raise awareness about less fortunate children in third world countries who who unable to afford shoes. More »

Poll of the Week is a weekly feature on Ningin where we will be polling all of you to see who you would choose for each scenario! Sometimes you will be able to choose between a couple of people, sometimes within a group, and other times between groups! More »

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