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From Girlybubble: Technically, these little robots are called Sega Toys Robotic Rabbits but for the sake of Easter coming up, let’s call them bunnies. To me, they pass the Easter bunny test. It’s an easy test — just be a cute animal with floppy ears and look like you could probably hide Easter eggs. Not only do they pass the Easter bunny test, they also pass the robot test. Touch the bellies of these particular rabbits and they start moving. Check them out in action: More »

From Rekuru: If there is one thing I hate, it’s trying to get the last drop of toothpaste out of the tube. Especially in winter. Well as for most things in life the Japanese have found a small, colorful, and ultimately cute solution to the problem of tube toothpaste. More »

2NE1’s new digital single entitled “Try To Copy Me” has been all the rage lately, but we shouldn’t forget that this song is, in fact, promoting a product. This song serves as the music for the Samsung Corby F commercial. Read on to find out what Tuc thinks of this commercial… More »

How do you eat potato chips and use the keyboard at the same time? This question has plagued computer uses since the computer was first invented over 200 years ago in German. In fact some of the first computer cards ever made were stained with chip grease by the early programers. Luckily the Japanese have a solution. More »

From Rekuru: What do you buy a geek who already has every cool gadget? How about a $3,300 wireless programmable robot, care of Fujisoft. More »

Awhile back I wrote about some USB gloves and how silly they sounded. After reading about some other fun filled Japanese USB gadgets, those gloves actually look quite tame. Useful even. I present to you a few very odd things you should never buy. More »

From Girlybubble: I feel like it’s slowly becoming my duty to inform people of the cute things they shouldn’t be eating because some sort of poisoning might result. Take Japan’s latest Docomo Q-pot Melting Chocolate phone. If the Docomo Q-pot phones had (cute chocolate) feet, it’d kick the LG Chocolate in the ass. It literally looks like a bar of chocolate! Although Q-pot is best known for its food-inspired accessories, you can’t actually eat them — the human digestive system isn’t capable of digesting. More »

I guess the title says it all. They’re cat gloves, that warm your hands, via the power of USB and love. More »

Do you like music and also happen to have a very unhealthy Hello Kitty fetish? If so, then you may want to drop $90 on this worthless piece of Hello Kitty gadget crap. Oh yes, I did go there. More »

From the country that brought you USB breast warmers and USB ramen cookers comes the next USB craze. USB Eyelash curlers. For the woman who can never leave her desk. More »

Have we learned nothing from our experiences with the Roomba? Samsung is set to release a new high tech robot vacuum called the “Tango” in the near future. The scary part isn’t the fact that this little guy costs between $400-600, it’s that it contains a camera and software for identifying objects! More »

From the same country that brought you USB breast warmers comes the Golf Bra. Besides being super cool and trendy, in a pinch they can be taken off and used for golf practice. What female golfer wouldn’t welcome this as an addition to her golfing attire?!?! More »

From Ziggytek: Elecom’s latest design, updated from their original Egg, comes a mini version of it, the Egg mouse mini.. The mouse is available in an assortment of colors and weighs only 46g with dimensions of 49.6 x 66 x 35.4mm More »

When I first saw this pix, I was like what is a bunch of girls doing in a orange cream striped outfits. Turns out, it’s SNSD doing a CF. Makes sense. So this is pretty cool, since it’s shot in the Seoul airport and they invited their fans to join! More artists should do stuff like that.

Who would of thought Tablo from Epik High is such a romantic? Hmm, I guess musicians are always kinda romantic since they can just sing to ya. Ok so celebrities in love, is there anything cuter? I guess bunnies, but you get the idea.

Gadgets are fun but what makes them even better are the idols that model along side with them.

Korea and Japan are probably the most well known gadget makers in addition to the cutest models. Not only are they drop dead gorgeous, but they make the cutest little faces for you.

As such, the following are a few of my favorite gadget idols. Who is your favorite? More »

People often ask me what’s the best part about my job. There are quite a few answers I can give, but one that is high on my list is finding and getting to know talented people. Even better, finding talented people with a passion for something. You all know Ningin Anime blogger/NBA Analyst/Game Reviewer, Jerry Chen. What you might not know about him is his deep passion and knowledge of gadgets. Not only do we value people like that highly, but we also reward them with their own website.

Today, I would like to introduce to you, our newest sister site, dedicated to all the gadget lovers, gearheads, technophiles, audiophiles, shutterbugs, early adopters, and other cool but geeky people. Jerry will be joined by new bloggers, Lora Kolodny, Peter Chin, Jack Chen, and Lam Chau. More »

If you didn’t know, Nintendo released their new gaming console Nintendo DSI earlier this month to replace the old but popular NDS. Similar to the NDS, the DSI has a double screen (one of which is touch) in addition to some nifty new features. It will include two cameras (one outside and in), a SD card slot, bigger screens, a new interface and some more user options on the startup page.

I love Nintendo but I can’t say I’m jumping for joy here. Supposedly the DSI doesn’t support an R4 card which is a big factor for me as I love homebrew games. Also, they’ve taken out the GBA card slot (for what reason I don’t know) which again limits the game selection by a lot. Some of us still play old school games!

While the camera is a fun feature as there are all sorts of photo editing included, it can’t replace the R4 and GBA. Unless this camera has SLR quality (which it doesn’t), I’m going to stick to my NDS. Sorry Nintendo!

For more information on the DSI, you can read Danny Choo’s review or Kotaku’s coverage. More »

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