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Yahoo Japanese has recently listed its top 20 foreign searches for 2011, and guess what? The list is flooded by the Hallyu wave. More »

Just last week, Wonder Girls was right on top of the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 charts with their latest song, “Be My Baby”. Now, for the week of 3 December, they are in second place, following T-ara’s “Cry Cry.”

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SM TOWN performed in NYC on October 23rd, causing the surrounding streets of Madison Square Garden to be covered in pink. Everywhere you would look you could see people wearing SM TOWN Live in NYC shirts addition to the pink shirts worn by Girls Generation fans. It really got me pumped up for the concert, even through it was hours away. More »

SNSD officially started their global promotions for their new song, “The Boys”, which started with their MV teaser which was revealed late last month. More »

After one year of listening to the same SNSD music, the girls are finally back and they’re ready to make a bang with their third album, “The Boys“!

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SNSD attracts The Boys and we want you to be able to do the same…with your own SONE t-shirts! For this sale, we have two different designs for you to choose from - definitely something for every SNSD fan. Interested in buying one or both? We’re making them available for a limited time. You only have until November 1st to get these shirts at a special pre-order price. Note that our last t-shirt sale, for Super Junior fans, sold out during the pre-order period! And like last time, we’re offering free shipping to all US addresses. Read on for the full details: More »

As we all know, most Korean groups have fan clubs, with very unique names. Fan clubs and their names help fans to distinguish between fans of the same group as them and in other groups. Fan clubs generally come up with a name and a color to represent the fan club’s identity, and also a personal connection to their fellow fans. Have a look at some of the fan club names below and how they came about. You might just learn something you never knew!

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It appears as though SNSD’s delayed comeback didn’t just upset fans, but it’s also thrown the comeback plans of other artists into a complete mess. More »

The SNSD that we know today is very different from the way they were back in the day. Every time the girls come back after a short break, their looks are completely different, but equally as enjoyable and lovable. In order to fully appreciate how far they have come, let’s take a trip down memory lane and see how these amazing ladies have matured. More »

Hair bows are known for being cute and noticeable, so it seems as though many Korean idols are aiming for those things. Not only are the idols below wearing colorful bows, but they are also pretty large. Have a look and see who you think looks the best with a giant bow on their head. More »

Many times, the Kpop world seems to like to purchase rights to songs that have already been released and are popular in other parts of the world, or sometimes the original English demos of the songs are later leaked or released. Other times, it happens to work the other way around in which popular songs become an inspiration for others and plagiarism issues arise. This time we will be looking at SNSD’s Born To Be A Lady vs. Demi Lovato’s Mistake. More »

T-ara has been confirmed to perform in the upcoming fashion show for Japan’s “Tokyo Girls Collection“! Earlier today, Tokyo Girls Collection updated their homepage revealing that T-ara will be performing at their fashion show tomorrow in Saitama Arena. More »

Following the confirmation of “SMTOWN LIVE in New York“, more information regarding the concert has been revealed. The concert will be held at Madison Square Garden and the venue recently updated their website with the seating chart as well as the ticket info for the concert. More »

Many KPOP artists or groups have had interviews with CNN, proving the popularity of the Hallyu wave. This time, SNSD/Girl’s Generation is featured on CNN Go (Global) in a profile introduced by Robert Michael Poole. More »

A German magazine, Popcorn, recently featured a few of the top KPOP groups in its issue. “Popcorn” is aimed at teens, so perhaps this is a way to expose teenagers to KPOP (but you know, there are German KPOP fans). More »

Girl’s Generation. Words can’t simply describe how much they have contributed into spreading the whole KPOP outside Korea. Of course, we all know how sexy and at the same time talented these girls are. Most of SNSD’s songs are not strangers to any male idol group. Most male idols or groups challenges themselves into imitating SNSD’s hit songs, such as Gee and Genie being the most popular. Having have said all of these, let me list down 5 male idols/groups dancing to SNSD’s songs. More »

Many of South Korea’s top idol stars will be performing at the 2011 Hallyu Dream Concert on October 3rd at the Gyeongju Citizen’s Stadium. More »

On July 13th, SNSD released their first Japanese album, “Girls’ Generation,” in Korea through various music portal sites. The album was released first in Japan on June 1st and was certified double-platinum for recording a sales total of over 500,000 units. More »

SNSD released their first full length Japanese album, “Girls’ Generation,” on July 1st and was able to clinch the number one spot on the Oricon Weekly Chart by selling a record breaking total of 230,000 copies in the first week of release. The album continued to increase in sales since then and has now placed second on the Oricon Monthly Chart for the month of June! More »

On June 25th, MTV held an event wherein funds will go directly to the March 11 victims called ‘MTV Video Music Aid Japan‘. A lot of artist participated in this event, including SM Entertainment’s very own Girl’s Generation and SHINee! More »

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