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Thanks to a recent Tweet by new Wonder Girls member Hae Lim, we now know that the Wonder Girls have recently landed in their home country of South Korea. More »

Miss something last week? Don’t worry. We got you covered — here are last week’s top posts: More »

The new Wonder Girl Hae Lim is settling into her new settings. “Lim” as she is now being called, just recently launched her Wonder Girls Twitter page! More »

Miss something last week? Don’t worry. We got you covered — here are last week’s top posts: More »

Looks like the Wonder Girls are picking themselves up after loss of member Sunmi and are on the move again. Yoobin and Yeeun just recently tweeted that the group is in Singapore! More »

Photos were recently released from a Wonder Girls photo shoot that features new Wonder Girls member, Hae Lim. From the looks of the comments, it looks like the heat from Sun Mi leaving is starting to die down a bit. More »

There seems to be a lot of controversy concerning the Wonder Girls right now. Many are devastated at the lost of their beloved member Sunmi and have begun to transform those feelings of sorrow to feelings of anger… directed at the replacement for Sunmi. Seventeen year-old Hae Lim of Hong Kong is feeling the pressure. Read on to see what I think about how fans are reacting. More »

Other than a few video clips and rumors floating about, there is really not much known about the to-be Wonder Girl Hae Lim. More »

As a Sun Mi fan, I have to admit that I was in total denial of her leaving the group. I didn’t want to accept it. It was just like when Jaebeom left 2PM. But no, it has really happened, and Hae Lim has already taken her place. The Wonder Girls have started their promotions in China and at an event in Sanya, Hainan China, Hae Lim can be seen in Sunmi’s spot. Have a look: More »

The drama of Sun Mi leaving the Wonder Girls has yet to slow down. It’s far too early. With the fading of drama from the Jaebum 2PM camp, however, this case keeps JYP still very high in the news. If you need to know what’s up, Sun Mi left Wonder Girls and so did the K-pop fans hearts fall apart, more in my Vol.1 summary. More »

A representative from JYP Entertainment has just announced that the Wonder Girls tour that was supposed to begin at the end of February has been postponed. In addition to this, the Wonder Girls English debut album that was set to hit this month will also be postponed until April. More »

The Sun Mi situation with Wonder Girls and JYP will receive some light, after a few days of demands from the Wonderfulls. If you need to know what is going on, read vol.1 post first. So usually a lazy man’s summary is posted once a week, but due to the climate and urgency of matters, I felt so inclined to send an update NOW. More »

Many of you have heard the recent news about Sun Mi’s decision to leave the Wonder Girls. She intends to suspend her music career and pursue her education; a noble cause. So, how much do you really know about this Wonder Girl from outer space? Here’s the story behind the girl… More »

Sun Mi left the Wonder Girls, for those of you living in a cave far from Korea. Why would she leave when the girls are pretty much the only group breaking into the US history? Not surprisingly, the departure of Sun Mi at a critical time during Wonder Girls’ rise to success has left the music industry baffled. Because it is practically unbelievable that she would leave at this time, than any other, many news articles and Netizen theories came to surface. More »

As you probably have all heard, Wonder Girl Sun Mi will be leaving the group at the end of February in order to pursue her academic goals. Along with this news, JYP Entertainment has announced that Sun Mi’s replacement would be seventeen year old Hae Lim. More »

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