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Earlier this week, news of the Pussy Cat Dolls new line-up broke in the celeb gossip blogosphere. The new line up from L-R, consists of Kherrington Payne (So You Think You Can Dance) Vanessa Curry (former Laker Girl/Kobe Bryant affair suspect), Jamie Lee Ruiz (Girlicious), Rino Nakasone-Razalan (former Beat Freak and Harajuku Girl) and Nicole. That makes 2 Asians, maybe 3, in PCD. More »

I finally got the chance to speak to the Beat Freak and former Harajuku Girl Rino Nakasone, and what a great experience it was. In search of the dance flavors that originally inspired her to break out from the mold, the Okinawan-born performer came to Los Angeles ten years ago and has traced out a colorful and accomplished career for herself. What you see on stage is pretty much what you get in person: a boisterous and vibrant personality. What you may not get the chance to see on television, however, is her endless reserve of hearty laughter (and equally enthusiastic arm slaps). Even after only speaking briefly with her, it was apparent that she’s bubbling with warmth and personable energy: More »

What a premiere… In terms of diversity of dancing, this episode had it all, whether it was Latin dance, crumpin’, flexin’ or clogging. While it was refreshing to see new acts, most of them floundered. For those who succeeded in episode one, a solid foundation in hip hop and bboy was key. Stomp and Riverdance may have their places in the dance world, but as far as being America’s Best Dance Crew, few of these specialized dances translated into wide, mainstream appeal. More »

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