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Today was one of those days when I hated my job and thought it was the worst job ever. But some bitch at work sent me this video clip and I decided, immediately after watching it, that my job was not so bad after all.

A train station in India is having a problem with some nasty monkeys bothering the passengers. So some genius who worked there thought of the scarecrow tactic. He hired a man and dressed him up as a monkey (a large one, mind you) to scare off the real monkeys. Couldn’t they have given him a friendlier looking monkey costume, instead of this evil demon looking one?! By the looks of it he’s probably scaring off the passengers, not the monkeys.

If you ask me, I think the monkeys are just sitting there and laughing their asses off at this poor fool who walks like he just threw his back out.  They probably think to themselves, “what a bitch job this is!”, and continue to eat their bananas before they set off to intimidate more passengers.

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