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Poll Question of the Week is a weekly feature on Ningin where we will be polling all of you to see who you would choose for each scenario! Sometimes you will be able to choose between a couple of people, sometimes within a group, and other times between groups! More »

Tattoos are a way of personal expression and creativity, they emphasis a person’s uniqueness and individuality. Whether it’s just a simple star or something more emotional, you can say that tattoos are a souvenir of life. The most recent tattoo we’ve seen on a KPOP idol is Teen Top’s leader C.A.P. This is already the guy’s third tattoo and he’s not even 19 yet! That fact aside, the tattoo itself is a bit scary but I also see the beauty in it. More »

Music Core is back with a great show full of awesome performances! This time it featured SNSD’s hot stage, 2NE1’s goodbye stage, comeback stage of KARA, BEAST and Orange Caramel, and some more exciting performances. Check them out and enjoy the show! More »

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