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Brown Eyed Girls recently appeared on KBS2’s Guerrilla Date, and was asked which member would get married first. Unanimously they picked Miryo. More »

The holiday season is here and 500 people have responded to a poll online asking which celebrities they want to spend Christmas with, and Song Joong Ki and miss A’s Suzy were the top choices! More »

Actor Hyun Bin is officially back from his two years of mandatory military service! More »

From Flauntme: Today’s Daily Nail Art is this Korean drama design by realasianbeauty. More »

Recently, on the March 6th episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart“, Park Kyung Min had made the set full of laughter by saying “Although I’m a bit shy for saying this myself, Jo In Sung and Hyun Bin were all mine back then.” More »

Arirang TV released a video of the ‘Top 7 actors who are loved by foreign fans‘ ! Check out who the winners are! More »

Bugs, one of Korea’s top music sites, just recently revealed their 2011 Bugs Music Awards winners and f(x) claimed the top spot for ‘MV of the Year’ with their hit single, “Pinocchio (Danger)“! More »

MBC series “Tears of the Earth” is set to release its fourth installment, “Tears of the Antartic,” featuring the voice of Song Joong Ki as the narrator. It’s been revealed that the actor will be donating his pay from the program to those in need. More »

On December 17th, Naver Music released their lists of the top hits this year. More »

Every year, South Korea brings us a new batch of great dramas to enjoy. This year was no different as we were presented with a variety of dramas that either had us laughing until it started to hurt or crying until our eyes became red and puffy. In order to have great dramas, however, you need to have good directors, a cooperative staff team, and of course actors. Without good actors, the drama becomes dull and even annoying, which is why great actors are so sought after by drama producers. Lets take a look at which actor was the Best Actor of the Year. More »

A survey was conducted, 1200 clients and employees of the travel agency has placed their votes on which celebrity they would like to go on a vacation with the most. The celebrity who made it on the top of the list of the survey, earning the most votes is—2PM’s Nickhun! More »

Korean Idol Hyun Bin was spotted at 66th Indonesian Military Anniversary at the Military Headquarters in Cilangkap, East Jakarta. He had arrived for a 3 day visit as the Korean Defense Industry Ambassador for South Korea. That’s a really cool title for an awesome guy. I think hes the perfect candidate for this honor. More »

Poll Question of the Week is a weekly feature on Ningin where we will be polling all of you to see who you would choose for each scenario! Sometimes you will be able to choose between a couple of people, sometimes within a group, and other times between groups! More »

As the summer promises a time for fun, laziness, and heat, it eventually came to an end where school is starting, the weather is changing, and all the stress you’re afraid of comes! Let’s reminisce about those fun summer times that is leaving us. I present to you 10 Hottest Idol CFs of the Summer. More »

A while back, we showed you all 11 things that always show up in Korean dramas. One of the most popular you guys saw was the recurring rich boy, poor girl theme. Since you’ve already seen the top 10 millionaire ‘bad boys.’ Now, here are 10 poor, but spunky, girls in Korean dramas. They lived hard lifes but overcame their struggles to become some of our favorite Korean dramas. More »

Last March, Kim Tae Pyung, or more commonly known as Hyun Bin, was one of those men who joined and served the Marine Corps in the 6th Bridage in Baeknyeong Island. Hyun Bin is about to release his book ‘I’m Marine‘. As a treat, he revealed some pictures while he was serving in the Marine Corps. More »

Okay, let’s admit it. The next best thing for us KPOP lovers besides KPOP is watching Korean dramas. Am I right? We’ve seen the creativity of script writers through all types of dramas, whether it be a romantic comedy, suspense, or a melodrama. Dramas have great actors, plots, and also some have beautiful music. Let’s take a look at some amazing OST songs. More »

One of the patterns you notice in Korean dramas is that the male lead is usually arrogant and obnoxious yet super wealthy and handsome. What’s ironic here is that although their characteristics are very despicable, we still tend to fall in love with them. Anyway, I personally chose some leads who fit in this description of the typical ‘bad guy turned good’. Check them out below: More »

In late June, Korean conglomerate Lotte released a Japanese version CF advertising their ‘Lotte Duty Free‘ shops featuring some of Korea’s top stars including Hyun Bin, JYJ, Big Bang, Choi Ji Woo, Song Seung Hun, 2PM, Jang Geuk Suk, and Kim Hyun Joong. More »

Lotte Duty Free has released its latest batch of calendars for July. And like last month, there is some nice eye-candy for us all! More »

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