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Woollim Entertainment, who manages artists such as INFINITE, NELL, Baby Soul, and Tasty, has revealed a mysterious teaser on YouTube and they want to know “What is the Next BIG THING?” More »

SBS made a big announcement on October 21st on Inkigayo! Members of BEAST, INFINITE, TEEN TOP, MBLAQ, and 2AM will be coming together to form 2 boy groups to perform at the 2012 SBS Gayo Daejun! More »

INFINITE recently released their 3D movie “INFINITE Concert 2nd Invasion Evolution The Movie 3D“, a film with footage from their encore concert. The movie is extremely successful, and claimed the 3rd spot in box office sales! More »

Today’s video of the day, courtesy of kpop444, features INFINITE’s “Last Summer.” Cute to see their playful side to this soft sounding song. More »

Today’s Daily Rant is about those people around the world who got addicted to Gangnam Style, listen to it 1000 times a day, and think they already know every single detail about KPOP. Like a “KPOP Expert”. More »

It looks like the members of INFINITE have recently teamed up with the composers of Sweetunes in order to release a new OST where fellow member L is starring in! More »

iToday’s video of the day, courtesy of MickeyC7914, features INFINITE’s cover of Jay Sean’s “Down.” Pretty nice acapella, I like it.

More »

INFINITE and Tasty met up in Thailand, and the two groups decided to capture the moment with a family photo along with their CEO, Lee Jung Yeop. More »

Mnet recently hosted an online global poll, asking netizens “Which k-pop idol couple is the best?”. The poll ended on October 3rd, and the first place winner is Eunhyuk and Donghae from Super Junior! More »

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon recently “got married” to his virtual wife, actress Oh Yeon Seo on MBC’s “We Got Married“, but After School’s Lizzy isn’t too happy about that. More »

KBS 2TV‘s Chuseok special, which took place on the 1st of October, showed agency mates Beast’s Yoseob and A Pink’s Eunji becoming partners to fight for the title of “king and queen”.

More »

The seventh match of KPOP Idol-Off 3 was an extremely fierce battle between 4 idols: G-Dragon vs. Ricky vs. Jonghun vs. Sunggyu. Awesome KPOP album and poster prizes courtesy of KpopHeaven were at stake. Let’s find out which team won. More »

It has just been revealed that Hoya doesn’t regret dropping out of high school, to pursue his singing carreer. Here is a list of some other Idols who also dropped out of school to start their Idol career, or Idols who already had fame but stopped school because of their schedules. Have a look a this list of 12 High School drop outs. More »

tvN’s “Reply 1997” has come to an end, but INFINITE’s Hoya and A Pink’s Eunji reunited as guests on the September 24th episode of YTN’s “News 12 - Issue and People“. During the show, Hoya talked his decision to drop out of high school and how he does not regret making that decision. More »

In a few hours, at the stroke of midnight, we’ll begin the eighth match of Kpop Idol-Off Season 3! We’ve divided teams equally among all the sign-ups, trying our best to give preference to people’s first choices. Ready to see which Kpop Idol you’ll be representing? More »

INFINITE has announced that members Dongwoo and Hoya will form sub-unit INFINITE-H, and will begin promoting early next year! More »

Are we ready for some Kpop Idol Off!? The next match will feature G-Dragon (Big Bang) vs. Ricky (Teen Top) vs. Jonghun (FT ISLAND) vs. Sunggyu (INFINITE). Which idol are you going to represent? Read on for the details on how to sign up! More »

The sixth match of KPOP Idol-Off 3 was a fierce battle between 4 idols: D.O vs. Amber vs. Dongwoo vs. Taeyeon. Awesome KPOP album and poster prizes courtesy of KpopHeaven were at stake. Let’s find out which team won. More »

Hello VenusYoo Ara will be acting alongside INFINITE’s L in MBC’s upcoming sitcom, “What About Mom?“. More »

KARA’s Nicole doesn’t get to hang out with the ‘91 Line male idols too often, but when she does she tends to be the one paying for their meals. More »

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