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INFINITE’s L, Sungjong and Sungyeol are showing their edgier side to Dazed & Confused Magazine in their May issue. More »

Actor Kwak Jung Wook, who is a close friend of INFINITE, revealed a number of the group’s secrets while on Mnet’s “Beatles Code 2“, including that some of the members asked him to set them up on blind dates. More »

INFINITE’s Woohyun, Hoya, and L are facing off with Asian Football Confederation (AFC)’s U-19 Champs in a street soccer pictorial with Nike and 1st Look magazine. More »

Posts that were made by Infinite’s L from the past, as a so-called netizen, were found and revealed on the latest episode of “Beatles Code 2“. More »

Mnet’s “M!Countdown” will be holding a special concert in Taiwan, and SHINee, INFINITE, SISTAR, and T-ara are all confirmed for the event. More »

School 2013” actor Kwak Jung Wook is revealing some of INFINITE’s secrets during their recent appearance on Mnet’s “Beatles Code 2“, one of which was that Sunggyu and Woohyun were almost in a fist fight. More »

School 2013” actor, Kwak Jung Wook and close friend of INFINITE is meeting up with the guys on Mnet’s “Beatles Code 2“, and ready to share a few secrets about the guys and their relationships with women. More »

Reply 1997” actors, Seo In Guk and INFINITE’s Hoya have finally had a chance to meet up, and snapped a photo to share with fans. More »

Earlier, Woollim Entertainment released a teaser video titled “L’s BRAVO VIEWTIFUL“, but no one quite knew what that meant…until now! INFINITE’s L will be releasing a photo essay book. More »

INFINITE is sitting down with LOEN TV to answer INSPIRITs questions in an “Ask In A Box” interview! More »

INFINITE’s L has a charismatic in public, but unfortunately that means he can’t do certain things…like laugh because of that image. More »

Woollim Entertainment has revealed a teaser for INFINITE’s L’s “Bravo Viewtiful“. Check it out! More »

INFINITE will be the first guests at Softbank Hawks‘ “K-Pop Hawks Day” in Fukuoka, Japan. More »

Earlier this year we learned that INFINITE recently moved to a new dorm, and INFINITE’s L is now sharing a room with Sunggyu and Sungyeol. According to L, Sunggyu is a messy roommate. More »

INFINITE recently sat down with LOEN TV to answer INSPIRITs questions in an “Ask In A Box” interview, and they’re getting fans excited for it with a short teaser. More »

INFINITE’s L was a guest on the April 9th broadcast of KBS2’s “1 vs. 100” and shared that he got stuck with the worst seat in their van. More »

The 2013 Dream Concert is set for next month and the concert has finally unveiled the lineup, and it’s incredible! Who will be at the concert? More »

INFINITE’s Sungyeol loves his coffee, but he learned that too much coffee doesn’t do the body any good. More »

K.Will and INFINITE’s L recently met up and exchanged their signed albums! More »

Last year, INFINITE’s Hoya made his acting debut in tvN’s “Reply 1997,” but it seems Sunggyu had to remind him, “You’re not an actor. Come back as INFINITE’s Hoya.” More »

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