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Weren’t able to go to Infinite’s Man in Love press event? Don’t worry, neither were we. Thankfully, there’s a video of it on the Internet. Otherwise what else is the Internet good for anyway?: More »

INSPIRITs, the wait is over! INFINITE’s fourth mini-album “New Challenge” is finally here!!! More »

INFINITE is back!!! And they’re charming INSPIRITs with their MV for “Man In Love“!!! More »

And with INFINITE’s return just around the corner, Sunggyu is wrapping up the teaser posters for “Man in Love“! More »

It’s finally time to reveal INFINITE’s leader, Sunggyu’s teaser video for “Man In Love“. More »

With only 2 days until INFINITE’s return with “Man In Love“, it’s L’s turn to share his teaser poster. More »

We’re only 2 days away from INFINITE’s return with “Man In Love“, and it’s L’s turn to tease for their return!! More »

INFINITE continues the countdown to their return with “Man In Love“, and after revealing Hoya’s teaser video earlier, he’s following up with his teaser poster. More »

We’re three days away from INFINITE’s return with “Man In Love“, and this time it’s Hoya’s turn to reveal his teaser video. More »

We’re only 4 days away from INFINITE’s return with “Man In Love“, and after revealing his teaser video, Sungyeol has shared his poster. More »

Though there are fans who are keen to keep a memory of the concert, there will also no doubt be disappointed fans of INFINITE who didn’t get to witness their concert. This problem is being solved, as INFINITE are to release a concert DVD titles ‘In The Summer’. More »

Now that INFINITE has released the ‘Man In Love‘ video teaser featuring member Sungyeol, this will officially state that we are just four days away until the group’s comeback! More »

miss A’s Min recently met up with her fellow 91-liners and made sure to capture the moment with a photo. More »

After releasing the teaser video of INFINITE’s Woohyun a few hours ago, it looks like they have now released Woohyun’s teaser photo to continue the countdown to their comeback, ‘A Man in Love‘! More »

Just 5 more days left and we’ll finally see INFINITE make their official comeback! Following Sungjong and Dongwoo’s teaser videos for ‘Man In Love‘, we now have the greasy Woohyun working his magic to impress everyone! More »

Dongwoo is continuing the countdown for INFINITE’s return with “Man In Love” with his poster! More »

We’re 6 days away from INFINITE’s return with “Man In Love“, and Dongwoo is charming fans with his video teaser. More »

After teasing with the logo for the first couple days this week, INFINITE’s adorable maknae, Sungjong kicks off the teaser videos for “Man In Love.” More »

INSPIRITS, start the countdown! INFINITE is coming back on March 21st!!!! More »

INFINITE is preparing for their comeback, and they’ve just revealed a new logo on their official website! More »

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