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Celebrities have had their fair share of fashion ups and downs, and our idols are no exception. As K-pop fans, we have seen many fashion do’s and don’ts from the ones we know and love. More »

With new groups and various comebacks thundering into the KPop scene in packs this past year, it was a little hard to keep track of the different types of choreography sometimes. However, some made the songs more memorable with specific dance moves. Through a painful and long thought out process, I’ve managed to narrow down the nominees to five dances worthy for the title of Best Dance of the Year. Let’s see what 2012 had to offer us. More »

The 2012 SBS Gayo Daejun was finally held on December 29th, and now you can take a look at the performances from the year-end show. More »

Being the leader of a KPOP group seems like a dream position: you are able to tell the members what to do and represent the group, making yourself probably the most well-known member of a group. However, the responsibilities that the position presents sometimes seem overbearing. The leader must take the blame for any problems that the group runs in to and must put the group before themselves and their personal problems. Now, to recognize the amazing leaders for the hard work that they have put in throughout the year, these are the nominees for Best Leader of the Year

More »

The 2012 KBS Gayo Daejun was held on December 28th, and now you can check out the performances right here! More »

Following the release of Mystic White and Dramatic Blue’s songs, it’s time for Dazzling Red and Dynamic Black to reveal their tracks for the 2012 SBS Gayo Daejun. More »

Members from SHINee, B2ST, INFINITE, 2AM, B1A4, and CNBLUE will come together to form the “Idol Super Band” for this year’s KBS Music Festival! More »

The 2012 SBS Gayo Daejun is just around the corner and the project groups, Mystic White and Dramatic Blue have revealed their tracks before the performance, as promised! Check them out! More »

INFINITE’s Hoya recently starred in a CF with actress Lee Yoo Bi, and they shared a kiss! More »

On an upcoming special episode of ‘Weekly Idol‘, Sunggyu of INFINITE will be seen being kissed by the two MCs, Jung Hyung Don and Defconn. More »

Christmas just around the corner, so INFINITE is wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas with a special video message. More »

Billboard has named its “20 Best K-pop Songs of 2012” and at the top of the list is INFINITE’s “The Chaser“! More »

As another year passes us by, we were greeted with exciting new releases by our favorite idols and stars. Of course, a substantial part of our idols’ lives are spent on stage. Music show performances are very important during their promotional periods, and weekly awards mark how successful the group is. The one conspicuous thing that I noticed when I was first introduced to KPOP, was the idols’ stunning ability to dance and sing live, simultaneously. However, our idols are indeed human, and make mistakes just like us. Here are some of the biggest music show fails of 2012: More »

Today’s GIF of the Day features Infinite picking out the perfect gifts for… you! Each member sets down his own gift on the table, ready for giving. There’s presents ranging from small toys to Sungyeol himself. Oh my, or is he advertising that ribbon around his neck. (Let’s hope he’s part of the package.) Which one shall you choose? More »

With the amount of idol groups in the industry today, seeing a giant transformation from an individual in a group isn’t anything big really. It could be something as minor as a hair colour change or something as big as a whole wardrobe, hair, makeup, and more change. Let’s look at the best idol transformations of the year shall we? More »

In 2011, we saw an influx of K-pop artists invading the Japanese market and the trend continued in 2012; some groups started from scratch by releasing brand new Japanese songs and MVs, while others re-recorded their tracks in Japanese and unleashed new MVs to go with it. So let’s take a look at the nominees for Best Japanese Remake of a Korean MV of the Year and find out who ended up on top. More »

INSPIRITs were excited to learn that Hoya and Dongwoo will be forming INFINITE’s sub-unit, INFINITE H, and the guys will be ringing in the new year with an album. More »

INFINITE’s Sunggyu recently shared that one time he drank all night long on KBS2’s “Vitamin“. More »

INFINITE’s Sunggyu is making his INSPIRITS laugh with a special interview that he conducted for LOEN TV…with himself!! More »

When INFINITE’s Sunggyu wrapped up promotions for “60 seconds“, Woollim Entertainment promised an MV for “I Need You“…and here it is! More »

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