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Although you know Twilight’s Justin Chon as human Eric Yorkie, I’m happy to say that the humanity doesn’t stop there. After chatting with him yesterday for a few minutes he’s easily made it on my list of super down-to-earth people. That my friends, is a good list to be on. Aside from earning a spot on that list, he was able to dish on the upcoming New Moon movie and fill us in on what he’s been up to since we last chatted. A few times, he even turned the tables on me by asking me questions. More »

After watching Dave Boyle’s “White on Rice” comedy film about the trials and tribulations of a quirky 40 year old divorcee, I had the opportunity to briefly interview him about the making of White on Rice: More »

Vienna Teng played an intimate show at Housing Works Bookstore last Friday, and because it’s crazy Asian and Asian-American film festival time here in NYC, I couldn’t make it. So I sent Tina Chou instead. More »

Hip hop-alternative rock band afterschoolspecial have got a new EP out tittled Not One For Words. Performing live all over Southern California, this San Diego group has been doing what it takes to go big. Lead MC Dan aka Dan connected with us about the past, present and future of afterschoolspecial. More »

Kero One gave us a little shoutout after he got home from his international stint with Epik High on the MAP THE SOUL Tour. The Bay Area rapper-producer traveled with Epik High thru Korea, Japan and across the US. We got the deets on the origin of Kero One, getting on board Map The Soul, and working with Japan’s DJ Deckstream. More »

Ningin’s Kevin Desmond got to visit Kev Nish and Prohgress at Far East Movement headquarters last week. The FM duo talked about the past, present and near future of FM, producing with Jin the MC and Se7en, the hotness of the “Girls On The Dancefloor” contest, upcoming tour dates with Epik High, and another International Secret Agents show for 2009! With all that info, we split the interview into two parts. As promised, here’s Part 2. More »

Ningin’s Kevin Desmond stopped by Far East Movement headquarters for a little tour with FM’s Kev Nish. Afterwards, they sat down with Prohgress for some interview time. The two MCs spilled the beans about FM’s origins, working with Jin the MC and Se7en, the popular “Girls On The Dancefloor” contest, their upcoming tour with Epik High, and another International Secret Agents show later this year! Whoa, that’s a lot! So we split the interview into two parts. Enjoy Part 1 today. Part 2 will be up tomorrow. More »

Wonder Girls are in Korea now, but they answered questions from Ningin readers over email. Originally we were going to ask your questions in a video interview. Unfortunately, both Wonder Girls’ and Ningin’s schedules didn’t work out before they left for Korea.

We got a lot of questions sent in from Ningin readers. In the end, we picked 10 questions to send the Girls. Do you see one of yours? More »

Se7en has left New York City. Life has returned to normal here, but it was one crazy weekend. Jeanette Eng and I managed to sit down with Se7en for some sun and fresh air overlooking Fifth Avenue. We almost didn’t catch it on camera because of a faulty microphone, but Dan Fisher came thru for us in the clutch. He was the official videographer for Se7en’s NYC visit. The man flew all the way out from Seattle. No joke. I don’t want to bore you with camera talk, but Dan knows his stuff. And who wouldn’t want to have his job? More »

After watching Harry Kim’s documentary about street artist David Choe’s rise to fame, “Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe,” I had the opportunity to briefly interview him about the making of the documentary: More »

While we’re waiting for parental consent forms from a couple of entries for the Dance Contest before we can announce the top 10, you’ll be happy to know that Ningin will be doing a video interview with the Wonder Girls sometime after they finish the NYC concert. The interview will be entirely in English so we’ll get a chance to see how much they improved since the last time Ningin interviewed them back in September at the NYC Chuseok festival. More »

So it’s been a busy week at Ningin (as usual). Not only are we nearing the end of our Wonder Girls Dance Contest, but fellow blogger Tiffanie J. Lee gave us the inside scoop on Justin Chon and Kollaboration 9. Be sure to check them out!

Also, the JYP Tour is only a few days away! Get ready to get your fangirl(/boy)ing on. Don’t forget to come back to Ningin for the performance and backstage coverage!

Here’s this week’s wrap up… More »

In part one of Ningin’s Justin Chon interview, we learned about his father—a former South Korean actor—and got an idea of both of their approaches to tackling roles and acting in general. In part two, we will learn more about his new drama-packed film, as well as get a glimpse of this inspired film buff’s all-time favorites in the industry. More »

During the taping of the Boys vs. Girls episode of ABDC, I got the chance to speak with the friendly and laid back Justin Chon. The 27-year-old actor recently received national attention for his performance as Eric Yorkie in Twilight and is currently on the heels of another success: the upcoming film Crossing Over, an intense drama that weaves together several vignettes about immigrants in Los Angeles. More »

I finally got the chance to speak to the Beat Freak and former Harajuku Girl Rino Nakasone, and what a great experience it was. In search of the dance flavors that originally inspired her to break out from the mold, the Okinawan-born performer came to Los Angeles ten years ago and has traced out a colorful and accomplished career for herself. What you see on stage is pretty much what you get in person: a boisterous and vibrant personality. What you may not get the chance to see on television, however, is her endless reserve of hearty laughter (and equally enthusiastic arm slaps). Even after only speaking briefly with her, it was apparent that she’s bubbling with warmth and personable energy: More »

Wonderful Kimmie Mai, a 22-year-old DePaul University student and Chicago resident, first caught wind of the Wonder Girls during their performance at the 29th Dragon Film Awards. Asides from seeing Ye Eun and Yoo Bin on We Got Married, Kimmie Mai—who is pretty new to k-pop music—wasn’t familiar with the Wonder Girls, but she was instantly drawn to one of the Wonder Girls after the Dragon Film performance. After figuring out the Wonder Girls’ names, Kimmie Mai found out her soon-to-be favorite Wonder Girl was—yep, you guessed it—Ye Eun. Since then, Kimmie Mai has been a devoted Wonderful and Eunsun lover: Of course, Ye Eun is now the face I’ll never forget. More »

During the taping of the Britney Spears Challenge, I got the chance to catch up briefly with ABDC judge Shane Sparks aka the only judge who consistently shows us that he knows what he’s talking about. After signing on with the William Morris talent agency, Sparks is currently involved with a hefty number of projects, which includes a major role in producing the Dreamgirls musical (based on the Oscar-winning 2006 film), first in South Korea and now in the U.S. I had no idea Dreamgirls is debuting in South Korea—February 27th at Seoul’s Charlotte Theatre, to be exact—so I hope this gets the word out if you’re in the dark about it like I was. I’m pretty much sold because of Sparks’ excitement, which has no shortage of accolades. Do check this show out if you’re in South Korea or if you plan on being there soon! More »

So you’ve probably heard by now. Utada sat down with Ningin ningens David, Hoc and Megu for a casual interview 27 floors up on the West side of Manhattan. Her upcoming English language album, This Is The One, is set for a March debut and will be released in America and Japan. The second of two parts, Utada talked about how she “ought to” plan a tour, video games, and being thankful for every moment. More »

Utada was back in New York City this past week and somehow found the time to meet with Ningin ningens David, Hoc and Megu. No Ningin camera crew this time. Just a casual interview 27 floors up on the West side of Manhattan with Utada and her father. Utada was lounging out like it was a lazy Sunday with just a T-shirt, jeans and an ear flapped knit cap - except it was Monday. Her upcoming English language album, This Is The One, is set for a March debut and will be released in America and Japan. In this first of two parts, Utada talked about record label politics and writing her new album. More »

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It’s been almost three months since my last upgrade post. Yea…things keep coming up. The Megaman Movie Trailer, the BoA interview, the End of the Year Special, America’s Best Dance Crew, drunken holiday parties + hangover recovery time, launching ZiggyTek — our gadget site, I was sick (no really I was), etc. In a way, it was kinda a perfect storm of events for Ningin as our growth has been skyrocketing from all those different things combined. Well, not the being sick and drunk part. More »

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