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Welcome back, here is part 2 of the Quest Crew interview! In part 1 of the interview, I asked the boys about what they like to do in their downtime, but before we got the chance to get to Dominic, I had to ask about their favorite video games… Now, here are Dominic’s “hobbies,” in full glory: More »

Last Tuesday, I got the chance to catch up with Quest Crew after the live taping of episode two. If goes without saying that all the members of Quest Crew are extremely talented individuals, but after speaking with them, I can safely add a few things more to the list: hilarious, friendly, humble, fun-loving, down to earth, determined, adorably boyish—okay, I’ll stop there… More »

Ningin was able to catch a quick interview with award-winning filmmaker Kimi Takesue. Her latest short film SUSPENDED is screening at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Kimi’s films have screened at over 200 venues around the world, including the Locarno International Film Festival, Rotterdam International, San Diego Asian Film Festival, Los Angeles Asian International, Vancouver International, London’s Institute of Contemporary Art, and the Walker Art Center. Not only that, but her films have also aired on PBS, the Independent Film Channel (IFC), and the Sundance Channel.

SUSPENDED will screen again this Thursday, January 22, 11:30pm at the Library Center Theatre, Park City, Utah, as part of the Sundance US Short Films program. More »

Two words that are hardly paired together: veteran kamikaze. While it may seem contradictory for a veteran kamikazes to exist, feature-length documentary Wings of Defeat proves otherwise. Through rare interviews of Japanese veteran kamikaze pilots, the documentary explores the human experience of being a WWII kamikaze pilot. I had the opportunity of to briefly interview Risa Morimoto, producer and director of Wings of Defeat. More »

Hope you guys enjoyed your week as some of us here at Ningin were able to meet Apop princess BoA Kwon. If you’ve haven’t been here with us this week, we interview her in addition to dedicating the majority of the blog posts this week to her.

Go to to watch the interview and view the gallery photos.

Here’s this week’s wrap up: More »

After photographing the Apop princess in person, I noticed that she had many facial expressions. Some were happy, laughing, and contemplative but of course all were cute. As tribute to the time Ningin has spent with her, here are my favorite photos of BoA’s expressions from our Intimate Moments gallery.

If you haven’t seen the video interview, click here! Also view the rest of the Intimate Moments gallery here: one and two.

Which ones are your favorites? More »

Check out Ningin’s exclusive coverage of the BoA Interview on our BoA microsite now!

Click on the third video in the “BoA Player” and then the play button.

Thanks for being patient! Let us know what you think about the video in this post =)

Part 2 is being encoded now. More »

Today my role was Ningin’s third cameramen during our interview with the Apop superstar, BoA Kwon. I basically just walked around with a Flip video camera taking candid videos of BoA and her staff/entourage to possibly add a behind the scenes type angle if needed. We brought a pretty big crew in total, two photographers, three cameramen, one audio guy, and of course the interviewer, Jeannette Eng. Seeing how this was BoA, we brought in all seasoned professionals including Eddie Lebron, director of the Megaman Movie that we’ve been helping to promote.

I think we were the 5th or 6th interview of the day for BoA having already met with the likes of Seventeen Magazine, Nylon, and others mostly American media sites. By far we were the biggest production crew, though I thought this was standard for someone of BoA’s caliber. I don’t know how many chances I’ll get to spend time with BoA, so I made sure to get squeeze as much as content as I could with the multiple photographers and cameramen. More »

Boa Kwon, easily one of Asia’s biggest pop stars, is crossing over to the United States. Even casual fans of Boa know that this is what she’s been groomed for since she was a little kid. However, preparation and talent can only go so far. There’s a lot of factors beyond Boa’s and her management’s control.

The number one reason why we started Ningin was for events such as this. Everyone here has a serious passion about Asian media and would love nothing more than to see Boa and every other Asian pop star succeed worldwide. When Boa’s management contacted us to help promote Boa’s US arrival, we were extremely thrilled to say the least. We understand that communities like Ningin have important roles to play in making changes and so we’re taking this very seriously.


Starting today for the next five days, we’ll be posting articles, photos, and DVD-quality video related to Boa. We created our own special flash video player (nicknamed the Boa Player) just to accomplish this feat. We’ll take a deep look into her history, her achievements, and her goals. We’re even going analytical and see why Asian pop stars have a hard time crossing over. As mentioned before, we have an exclusive video interview with Boa herself and we’ve put together a professional camera team to go film it. Oh, and all this content will be available to download and share under the Creative Commons license. So please download! More »

As Americans have Thanksgiving, Koreans have Chuseok. Every year on Chuseok, Korean families visit their hometowns and have a large feast with their families in this three-day holiday. But this year in NYC, we got our own experience of Chuseok although it wasn’t exactly traditional. This year at the Chuseok Festival in NYC, we got to see amazing performances from the talents from JYP Entertainment.

Upon arriving from the train station, we came across a park. We decided the logical thing was to follow the Koreans even though some of them didn’t know where they were going either. After walking for several minutes we decided that pathways were for squares and just walked on the grass. The whole time walking, we ranted and raved about the performance we were so excited to see. We found the festival in the up diagonal-ish direction in the park. After our experience with arrows, we decided that arrows are deceiving and evil. More »

The video of the Wonder Girls interview is up! It took us a bit to get the translation and sound fixed. The interview area was about 10 feet from the stage in a little tent so yea, not much we can do about that.

Thanks again to JYP and his company! Also thanks to the interviewer, Soyoung Ahn, and the translation/subbing team, Mia Lerda, David Hou, and Cho Soo Dong.

Enjoy the interview! In case you missed it, here’s the link to our gallery from this event. More »

Jay Legaspi always had a song in his heart; he was just waiting for the right time to sing it. Jay’s experience with music starts in junior high during the 8th grade when he began playing the guitar. Officially he did not start singing seriously until his college years. In fact he only wrote his first song during freshman year at college, and that was during a holiday break. What is interesting he only embarked on a musical career after he graduated. 

He has a voice that is so soothing, I describe it like warm cocoa on a drifty snow day (especially when I heard the song Maggie). His Vocal stylings have a very youthful quality but its combined with unencumbered-poetic-mature-intricate lyrics and it’s his lyrics that always tell you a story. His ballads especially have this deep, zenful, mellow soul. More »

The New York Korean Film Festival hosted actor/director Yoo Ji-Tae the 4th week of August for several events. First being the opening reception, where the humble Mr. Yoo answered questions about his part in the cinematic celebration, that has become a staple of the New York art & culture scene.

There is a successful aura about everything that Yoo Ji-Tae works on like his role as the villain in top rated film Oldboy. He was a vital ingredient, in the reason the film was awarded the top prize at 2004 Cannes Film Festival. His many other works are well known throughout Korea and by foreign film aficionados. More the 2003 movie, which he also starred in, “Into the Mirror”, has just inspired a western remake called Mirrors.

The historical film “Hwang Jin Yi” was showing at the reception of the NYKFF. The Korean release of “Hwang Jin Yi” took place last year. The film stars himself along side actress Song Hye Kyo, and is based on a North Korean novel. The hype following this movie is do to its cinematic grandeur and has had many recent dramatic adaptations. Besides supporting this films North American release, he promoted his own directorial work with a short film called “Out of my Intention”. Due to the many press vying for time with the talented thespian the limit of five minutes was downgraded to three minutes as we waited for everyone to be seated. We were very lucky that the first two questions received time saving replies of smiles, blushes, and chuckling nods. More »

You guys ask for more interviews, more features, more photos, more stories and we’ve listen. From September 2nd until September 8th - 7 straight days - Ningin will add one new blogger to our roster. Each day, one new blogger will make a personal introduction so you can get to know him or her better.

Soon, Ningin will also have podcasts, video blogging, and many other new features and applications. And we’re always looking for more bloggers. If you want to be a Ningin blogger, head over to this page.

Thanks for helping us grow and please welcome the new bloggers to the Ningin community!

Earlier this week I contacted James Yee about him being chosen as a national delegate and what will it will entail at this years Democratic Convention from August 25-28.

James Yee is the “former US Army Chaplain and graduate of West Point who served as the Muslim Chaplain for the U.S. prison camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba that would become controversial for its treatment of detainees designated as “enemy combatants” by the U.S. government. While ministering to prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Captain Yee advised the commanders of the camp on detainee religious practices and objected to the cruel and degrading abuses to which the prisoners were subjected.

More »

As we gear up for next month’s release of Ping Pong Playa, here’s more of my conversation with Roger Fan. An interview is always about the artist’s thoughts. But we had such a great rapport, I couldn’t help but share a few of my own. Roger has a natural love for the human race that makes him an excellent listener. Here’s more on Asian film, American film, stereotypes, and Justin Lin.

More »

Yeah, I’m the lucky girl standing next to Roger Fan. When I finally met him at “Finishing the Game”’s New York City premiere last October, I felt like we’d known each other forever. Roger, one of the film’s stars, was the unofficial blogger of FTG’s 2007 Grassroots Tour. Besides spending most of the year at film festivals and campuses, connecting with the fans, Roger also spent countless hours documenting the tour in pictures and funny descriptions, much to the delight of rabid fans like me. If you got a MySpace comment from Finishing the Game, it was most often Roger’s doing. We emailed back and forth, and I teased him about how great he looked, bare-chested and suntan-oiled, as the cocky Breeze Loo circa 1973.

Then I interviewed him by phone while writing up Finishing the Game for a local newspaper. Truth be told, I was lucky the article got run at all. Asian-American film is pretty much off the radar where I live; I had only 850 words for a review of Finishing the Game AND a “wide angle” on Asians in Hollywood! But Roger, smart Brown alum that he is, gave me so much great material that would not fit in that tiny box. And I had the tall order of editing it and giving my fellow Midwesterners a taste of what’s happening in the Asian-American community.

More »

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