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Despite a recent photo ’scandal’, IU has picked up a new endorsement, this time with NCSoft’s MMORPG Aion. More »

Sunday, December 2nd was sadly Lee Jong Suk’s last day as a co-MC for SBS‘ “Inkigayo“, and they’ve chosen actor Lee Hyun Woo and ZE:A’s Kwanghee to co-MC with IU. More »

Actor Lee Jong Suk is preparing for his new KBS2 drama “School 2013“, and because of that he has decided to leave his MC post on SBSInkigayo. More »

On MBC’s ‘Quiz Show Q’, Park Myung Soo revealed a story of him and IU during her debut days. More »

On Friday, November 30th, Mnet held their 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMAs) in Hong Kong gathering artists from all over Korea and the world for a night filled of incredible performances and awards! So who went home with awards this time? More »

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Sungmin recently guested on the November 26th broadcast of Hello. While on the show, MC Shin Dong Yup hinted at Eunhyuk’s recent scandal with IU, and tried his best to protect Eunhyuk from needing to discuss it. More »

IU will be releasing a special gift for Japanese fans with her IU♥ONE 〜New Year’s Gift from IU〜. More »

On Friday, November 9th, the KPOP fandom (mainly fans of IU and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk) went a bit crazy, thanks to IU’s ‘accident’ of uploading a selca that wasn’t meant for the public’s eyes. That said, name-calling occurred, poster-ripping and CD-throwing happened, and before you knew it, it went ‘quietly’ away. More »

Today’s photo of the day, courtesy of banghimupzelo, features when Super Junior’s Eunhyuk takes off his shirt. Yeah, apparently since he rarely does it, it’s only when a friend is sick. Priceless way to poke fun at his recent scandal with IU. More »

So far we’ve seen an official statement from LOEN Entertainment regarding the relationship between IU and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, and one testy comment from the company as well. And SM Entertainment…well they have nothing to say. More »

Despite the ‘dating’ scandal that popped up this weekend due to an ‘error’, IU has still gone forth with her activities and one of her endorsements, Elite Uniforms, has released a new picture of the singer. More »

Earlier, LOEN Entertainment released an official statement explaining the photo posted by IU and her relationship with Super Junior’s Eunhyuk; however, it seems no one believed them so they’re reiterating the announcement again. More »

Rumors have been flying after a photo of IU and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk surfaced on the internet leading people to believe they are dating. Now it’s time for LOEN Entertainment to set the record straight with their official statement. More »

Be careful of what you may accidentally post to Twitter, as it happened to IU just very recently. A selca, which was taken down almost immediately, revealed IU to be with Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, but in a more casual setting. More »

Today’s video of the day, courtesy of lytoe, features IU sounding like Pikachu. Good job but I prefer Hyuna’s imitation!

More »

IU fans may be waiting patiently for their favorite singer to release some more music, but they were treated to a pleasant surprise. More »

After confirming that IU, Miss A’s Suzy and Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In will be the guests for the upcoming episode of ‘Go Show‘, it looks like we’ll be hearing a lot of interesting stories from these girls. One of which is IU’s dating rumors. More »

Miss A’s Suzy, IU, and Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In are scheduled to guest on the upcoming episode of “Go Show“. There has been high anticipation for the episode after the three popular idols were scheduled to appear in the same episode. More »

Who wants to be a zombie? Well, sometimes there are just those who aren’t the best at defending themselves. Not that KPOP idols would want to become decomposing animated corpses… right? At least, not if they could help it. Here is a list of 9 KPOP Idols Most Likely To Become A Zombie! Poor, unfortunate souls. More »

Halloween is almost here, which means THE ZOMBIES ARE COMING!!!!!!!!!!!! If you want to avoid the zombie invasion, then keep them away with these 8 extremely happy KPOP MVs. More »

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