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We have always known just how spectacular IU is, and now she’s been recognized by entering Billboard‘s ’21 Under 21: Music’s Hottest Minors 2012′!

More »

IU recently reached her 4th debut anniversary, and she prepared cute gifts for her fans! More »

During a phone call on ‘Idol ManagerIU revealed that the first time she met Thunder she was shocked because his good looks. More »

Is it just me or is anyone else not a fan of IU doing things other than singing and playing the guitar? She was recently on one of those Korean talk show/variety programs where the hosts in the background go, ‘OOH OHHH OHHHH!’ too much when an idol shows off their dance moves. Anyway, she danced to The Black Eyed Peas Boom Boom Pow and this super old KPOP song from the ’90s. More »

One of the nation’s beloved idols, IU recently made an appearance on “Quiz to Change the World.” There she revealed her darling hobby of cooking and what may have even been more unexpected, her favorite dish to make. More »

IU learned the hard way if you want to cook while wearing loose clothing. More »

On the 1st of September, a new episode of KBS 2TV‘s “Entertainment Relay” broadcast. The crew was lucky enough to have met IU, who was on the set of a makeup shoot. More »

KBS Music Bank aired another episode of its weekly music show which was full of great performances. This time we got to see a pre-recorded special concert which also featured ZE:A’s comeback stage. There were also hot stages by artists like Beast, IU, KARA, and many more. More »

Sulli of girl group f(x) covered her friend IU’s song “Peach” on the drama she stars in, To The Beautiful You. The episode aired on August 29th. More »

After a short absence for her nationwide tour, IU has finally returned to SBSInkigayo on August 26th as Inkigayo’s everlasting fairy. More »

SNSD’s Taeyeon is the latest idol to display her love for Korea’s little sister IU. More »

IU is coming back to SBSInkigayo and she will be emceeing along with Lee Jong Suk starting Sunday, August 26th! More »

The fifth match of KPOP Idol-Off 3 was a fierce battle between 4 idols: IU vs. Suho vs. Sungmin vs. Miryo. Awesome KPOP album and poster prizes courtesy of KpopHeaven were at stake. Let’s find out which team won. More »

Time flies so fast and in just a few more months or even days, some of you are going back to your second home also known as school! Now some of you might think that school is boring and all, but look at the bright side of everything! You get to learn more things, meet new friends, and even wear your new uniforms! To motivate everyone a bit, here are some of your favorite idols wearing school uniforms! More »

In a few hours, at the stroke of midnight, we’ll begin the sixth match of Kpop Idol-Off Season 3! We’ve divided teams equally among all the sign-ups, trying our best to give preference to people’s first choices. Ready to see which Kpop Idol you’ll be representing? More »

Are we ready for some Kpop Idol Off!? The next match will feature IU vs. Suho (EXO-K) vs. Sungmin (Super Junior) vs. Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls). Which idol are you going to represent? Read on for the details on how to sign up! More »

Fans weren’t the only ones that loved seeing IU in KBS 2TV’s “Dream High” back in 2011, the drama industry loved seeing her too! So much that recently she’s been getting a number of casting offers for dramas! More »

IU pulled out her red devil costume and flew to London to join 10 lucky Samsung Galaxy supporters to cheer for Korea’s national soccer team at the 2012 London Olympics! More »

IU has lent her voice to the theme song of upcoming animation film Sammy’s Adventures 2, in which she will also be dubbing the voice of character Ella. More »

IU teamed up with soon-to-debut girl group FIESTAR for LOEN Entertainment’s summer project LOEN TREE’s Summer Story. More »

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