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IU is celebrating her twentieth spring this year, as LOEN said, and therefore she will present a song full of fresh spring fragrance. The young singer is releasing her new single, “PEACH“, a song that she wrote herself for her new album, ‘Spring of a Twenty Year Old‘. She has decided to tease us a little with a heart warming teaser showing her song writing process. She grabs a notebook, picks up her guitar, and starts composing a song that sounds like it will be a gentle one. More »

IU recently held a concert in Sapporo and returned to Korea on April 27th. However, she left an amusing selca on her official fancafe. More »

IU and ZE:A’s Siwan have been promoting the new Samsung Wave and have participated in a series of CFs for the new product. More »

IU and Yoo Seung Ho were chosen to model for G by Guess, Guess‘ new clothing line and the two brought their model and good looks for the May issue of CeCi magazine. More »

Earlier this month, it was announced that IU would be releasing a new album in Korea and now, more information of that release is out. More »

Last month, Dream Concert 2012 revealed its lineup of artists scheduled to perform at the memorable concert to be held on May 12th, and now, the concert has updated its artist list. More »

LG has decided to use SM artists for their latest products and we now have Super Junior and f(x) promoting LG Optimus’s newest phone, the L3. More »

Last year, IU was chosen alongside INFINITE to be the new models for school uniform brand Elite Uniforms and now, her adorable Star Cards have been released. More »

Being called ‘Loen Princesses’, labelmates IU and Sunny Hill fit the description perfectly! More »

We know that f(x)’s Sulli is one of the taller female KPOP idols out there, but when you add high heels to her height and place her near some of the shorter female idols, the height discrepancy is quite amusing, to say the least. More »

Last month, Nongshim unveiled the interactive CF that featured new endorser IU for their Hooroorook noodles, and the brand has now released the making-of film for this CF. More »

IU charmed fans last year in November with her fantasy album Last Fantasy and now, she’s ready to make her return to the KPOP scene! More »

A couple of weeks ago, IU announced that she would be holding her first ever solo concert since she debuted four years ago. More »

LOEN Entertainment has announced the comeback of Sunny Hill. More »

BIG BANG’s Seungri and Daesung joined IU this week as special MCs for SBSInkigayo and during the interview with 4minute, Seungri made HyunA chuckle with embarrassment after he played a little prank on her. More »

A few weeks ago, fans were treated to the first episode of a three episode CF for Samsung Wave, which stars IU and ZE:A’s Siwan with a supporting cast from Siwan’s member Kwanghee. More »

Just last month, IU was chosen as vitamin brand Lemona’s newest endorser and it’s no secret that IU’s charm will be key in helping Lemona sell its vitamins. More »

Last year, IU and 2PM’s Wooyoung were much loved by fans as the Milky Couple from Dream High. Remember their unrevealed kiss scene? Well, some still shots from the NG cuts have surfaced. More »

BIG BANG’s Daesung and Seungri will be joining IU as MCs for the April 15th episode of SBS’s Inkigayo. More »

IU started intruiging the people of Japan even before her debut by establishing herself as the number one solo artist in Korea. IU released her debut Japanese album “Good Day” back on March 21st and, astonishingly, it had reached number six by the second day and continued to climb the singles chart. More »

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