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We recently offered a Super Junior-M Perfection Album, Version B as part of our Great F’ing Giveaway of June. You were asked what your all-time favourite Super Junior-M song was… More »

You voted and we listened. The third giveaway of June’s Great F’ing Giveaway is a BEAST Fiction and Fact Album. Entering to win is super easy: More »

We recently offered a U-Kiss Bran New Kiss Mini-Album as part of the Great F’ing Giveaway of June. You were asked who your favourite U-KISS member was… More »

You voted and we listened. The second giveaway of June’s Great F’ing Giveaway is a Super Junior-M Perfection Album, Version B. Entering to win is super easy: More »

Welcome to the start of the Great F’ing Giveaway of June and 29 days of KPOP prizes! To kick off the fun, today’s giveaway is a U-Kiss Bran New Kiss Mini-Album — the result of the recently concluded Mixr Legions Test #5. Entering to win is super easy: More »

Earlier we translated Jay Park’s slang-ridden tweets into proper, easy-to-understand English. Then we thought…what if Jay Park tweeted in British English? Here are my attempts, and yes I am British: More »

Mnet’s Idol Chart Show is a show where it reveals charts on different subjects. This time, it’s back with a new segment on the best 20 idol dancers. Idols are trained to not only sing, but to be able to dance while performing. In the latest chart, Mnet analyzed all idols and chose the Top 20 based on their dance talent and skills. Who made Mnet’s cut? More »

Starting Friday, June 9th, we will be giving out 29 prizes, 1-2 a day, for 27 days! This giveaway is the result of all the wonderful support from our users and Facebook fans. So this is Ningin giving back and it might just be a monthly thing. Thank you for playing in our Prize Fights; for participating in our Prize Polls; and for sharing in our Prize Votes. We have albums from 3x SNSD, 3x Super Junior, 2x Big Bang, 4x U-Kiss, 3x Beast, 2x FT Island, 1x CN Blue, 2x DBSK, 3x f(x), 2x Jay Park, and more! Some of these albums are special edition albums and some comes with photobooks! Read on for all the amazing details: More »

Congratulations to user dirkdaryl for correctly guessing the previous Missing Lyrics with the lyrics to Jay Park’s Abandoned. In Missing Lyrics, your task is to identify the lyrics based on the clues given. The first person to answer correctly will earn 100 EXP points as well as Legion Points for your Mixr Legion. Keep your guesses to Asian songs. More »

Thanks to your retweeting, sharing and liking efforts in Prize Votes, the Jay Park Take a Deeper Look Mini Album giveaway is on! After tallying the votes, this is what we got: More »

In one of our recent Daily Rants, we mentioned how fanwars should stop. I suppose it’s a bit ironic that this touching story should come up. More »

Summer will be rolling around soon and it’s the perfect time to hit up the beach for some fun in the water. With the beach, there are bound to be some very good looking guys with amazing bodies. If there was an KPop idols-only beach then we’ll be seeing a lot of sexy bodies. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen anytime soon so we’ll have to settle for photoshoots and performances to see the idols expose their heavenly bodies. Below are, in my opinion, the 10 hottest male idol bodies of the summer. More »

Jay Park has announced that he will finally be concluding his promotions for “Take A Deeper Look.” Speaking through Sidus HQ, the singer thanked his fans for the much support they have given the album that he had worked hard for. Although its saddening to hear that he had to end his promotions earlier than expected, he promised everyone that he will be coming back soon with a much more mature image and music style. He also asked his fans to just wait a little bit longer, and to continue taking an interest in him. More »

With the influx of idol groups invading the Korean music market, it seems like the days of solo artists are numbered; it’s as if they are a dying breed. After all, how can solo artists compete against all the members of idol groups? More »

Besides the “2011 Dream Concert“, Korea will see another large-scale concert with performances from B2ST, IU, Jay Park, G.NA and special guest Barbara. The ‘Super Idol Big Concert‘ is scheduled to last for two and a half hours and will be held at the Jamsil’s Olympic Stadium on June 11th at 7PM. The concert was created with the purpose of helping culturally diverse families as part of the profit is will be donated to intercultural families having a difficult time in Korean society. More »

If you have ever seen Jay Park’s Twitter and you are not familiar with slang at all, this is the post for you. I can see how it confuses people but overall, it is just bad grammar. You just have to know what to look for. Prepare to be amazed with what Jay actually means in case you were in the dark while reading an original Jay Park Tweet. More »

Jay Park recently made a successful comeback to the Korean music scene with his mini-album, “Take a Deeper Look“. However, the music industry is no doubt different for him than it was two years ago when he was apart of 2PM. In a recent interview, Jay Park shared his thoughts about how the the music scene has changed for him since his transition from being apart of a well established group into becoming a solo artist. More »

On May 23rd, Jay Park left a message about his family, haters, and loyal fans, Jaywalkers, on his Twitter. The idol tweeted, “Fam helps out fam, not to gain nothing but because they’re FAM, recognize~lot of ppl who don’t want to give me a chance who dont wanna help me out but sall good still got love for yall, but we’ll see baby give it a year lol…just sayin sh**~ for all those who do support me I WONT LET U DOWN, LOVE YALL” More »

Mnet’s M! Countdown aired another episode of its weekly music show which is full of great performances just like usual. This time we got to see comeback stages of Beast, Heo Young Saeng and Jewelry as well as goodbye stages of CNBLUE and U-Kiss. There were also hot performances by artists like f(x), Jay Park, 4minute and many others. More »

Jay Park enjoyed a special fan meet with his fans for the publication of his new photo spread, “Just Me, Jay.” After showing to his fans the behind-the-scenes video from his photoshoot, Jay Park went up on stage and asked his fans, “Did you have fun watching the video? To be honest, I was backstage trying to watch it too, but I couldn’t see it as well as I expected and now I’m just curious. I should’ve watched it from at the back.” More »

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