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The results for the KPOP Idol-Off EXP Bets: Taemin (SHINee) vs. Jay Park are in! More »

Thus ends our third KPOP Idol-Off match, with Taemin (SHINee) vs Jay Park. This entire match was pretty much a one-sided battle with Team Taemin ferociously in the lead. Ergo, the results were no different than imagined, although some of us might be a tad surprised. Read on for a full breakdown of the scores. More »

Update no. 2 of our third KPOP Idol-Off match, with SHINee’s Taemin vs. Jay Park. Team Taemin is still in the lead 7-0. Don’t fret Team Jay park — there’s still time. Read on for more details. More »

Update no. 1 of our third KPOP Idol-Off match, with SHINee’s Taemin vs. Jay Park. Right now, Team Taemin has the lead 7-0. Read on for more details. More »

These two baby photos of Jay Park came to light as a Labor day present from entertainment company SidusHQ. More »

Welcome back to yet another KPOP Idol-Off match! For this match match, we’re pitting SHINee’s Taemin against Jay Park. Sure, it’s a cruel pairing since a lot of people are fans of both, but this isn’t about bands. It’s about the idols with the most passionate fans. It’s up to this match to determine whether Taemin or Jay Park will advance on to be the top KPOP Idol. Read on for more details. More »

Who’s feeling lucky today? Taemin (SHINee) vs. Jay Park. Who wants to win 100 EXP? More »

It was reported that famous singer Jay Park will be releasing an upcoming track called ‘Demon‘ along with a full MV. Jay Park has now given us a glimpse of what the Demon music video will look like which was released via the Art Of Movement Youtube channel. Even though it is only 4 seconds long it still seems to have given fans lots of excitement! More »

Jay Park and his crew of dancers recently updated a video on YouTube detailing all the inside scoop of his upcoming fan meetings across Asia. It just now hit me the actual level of this guy’s popularity. More »

Does Taemin (SHINee) have nothing on Jay Park? Who’s the bigger Lucifer? If those questions constantly plague your mind, you’ll want to participate in this KPOP Idol-Off match pitting Taemin and Jay Park against each other. This 3-day flash game match will determine which idol has the most passionate fans! More »

Last week’s F’n Giveaway was of a Jay Park Nothin’ On You album. That giveaway has since ended and now it’s time to announce the winner. Drumroll, please! More »

Jay Park sure knows how to keep his fans happy. Despite a very busy schedule of endorsement deals and music videos, Jay has uploaded a new video of him covering Lupe Fiasco’s “Im Beamin.” Jay has also uploaded a new Twitpic on his Twitter. More »

Not so long ago, we’ve seen the MV teaser for Brave Brother’s I Want to Cry featuring Jay Park and Sung Yuri as well as the full release of the song. Now here’s the full version of the MV! More »

I don’t know about you guys, but I am still curious about why Jay Park reallyleft 2PM. I could really care less about the group itself, as I have never been a fan, but this whole controversy has been going on for quite awhile, and it has certainly piqued my interest. Unfortunately, it looks like the man still isn’t willing to fess up! More »

Last week’s Weekly Twitter Giveaway was of a Jay Park poster. That giveaway has since ended and now it’s time to announce the winner! Drum roll, please. More »

The Brave Brothers finally revealed their full song ‘I Want To Cry’ from their first official full-length album featuring Jay Park’s rapping. And let me tell you one thing: it sounds super awesome! More »

This week’s F’n Giveaway is of a Jay Park Nothin’ On You album. …Beautiful people all over the Internet, but they don’t got nothing on you, Ninginers! Entering to win is easy: More »

Today’s photo of the day, courtesy of lil_bluey_bear, features Jay Park! It seems as though he’s been bitten by the Twilight bug or infected by the vampire craze (which is pretty much thanks to the Twilight bug) and has taken on vampire-ish characteristics–so much that I couldn’t even recognize him. More »

Korea’s famed songwriters and artists, the Brave Brothers, have yet to come out with their first official album. For now, they just released an MV teaser for the song ‘I Want To Cry’ featuring ex-2PM member Jay Park and actress Sung Yuri (The Snow Queen). More »

Live in L.A. or NYC…or close to these two hotspots? Then consider yourself very lucky because JCPenney is bringing The International Secret Agents Concert, is back again this year and they’ve teamed up with a bunch of incredibly talented people–some of which you will definitely recognize. More »

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