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Rie Fu is a bilingual Japanese pop artist who experienced an increase in popularity after her song, Life is Like A Boat, was featured as an ending theme to the anime Bleach. More »

m-flo is a premier hip-hop group from Japan that debuted in 1998 with style and energy. More »

Konnichi wa, Jinra-san desu! Boy, do I have a puresento (present) for you. Actually, since I’m feeling extra nice, I’ve got two. The first one is Rekuru, our new Japanese entertainment site. Aside from Ningin, Rekuru will be your destination for the best in anything from Anime to Zen. The second one is, you guessed it — the Ningin Japan-a-thon. In support of Rekuru’s launch, we’ve got a special schedule filled with blog posts dedicated to The Land of the Rising Sun. More »

Today is November 5th 2009, that means BoA is 23! Everyone, please reply to wish the princess of pop and beat of the angel a super Happy Birthday! She is your favorite, right right? If she is, tell her how you feel and show her your love! More »

Big Bang is doing quite well with their recent release, Let me hear your voice and had to keep it all rollin’ with a fresh new track, Ora Yeah! Another hit? Sure is. Anything that’s catchy and energetic that takes you out of your daily grind is a hit, in my ears. I think Big Bang sounds American enough, yet with a lot more spice to take on the American markets, at least musically. More »

I almost cried watching this video. It reminded me of the 5 years watching DBSK grow and become the best of Asia. For those of you who do not know who DBSK is, they are a group of 5 talented boys. All of them are well trained in vocals, dancing, and anything related to pop music entertainment. They were the best of the best! More »

As Big Bang grows and gains a bigger share in the music industry (they have made their way into the Japanese market and is now working hard in Japan as well as Korea), they become more recognized. Well known Time magazine featured Korean idol group Big Bang in a article this week. More »

BoA recently released her new single for the Japanese RPG game, Tales Of Grace. To excite her fans all over the world, she even released a music video. Was it necessary to make a music video for a game? Then again, lot of Korean companies decided to make music videos for their commercials as well. More »

For the first time in many months, we get to hear Big Bang’s voices. Big Bang fans have been suffering to see some Big Bang action. With Dae Sung getting into a huge car accident that required surgery, other members doing solo activites and T.O.P. filming IRIS, fans thought they would never seem them have a song together. More »

BoA, who is known for her kind heart and love for children will be taking part in the Happy Birthday Download project. It’s a fundraiser in that one artist per day sings a Happy Birthday song and is available for download purchase. All of the proceeds including taxes will go to UNICEF, who’ll support children around the globe. More »

Although BoA has been absent in the American market, she picks up where she left off in Japan with a plethora of promotions. On Oct. 24, she’ll appear in NEC POWER COUNTDOWN JAPAN HOT 30. She’ll also be making a return to upcoming issues “Smart,” “Popteen,” “S-Cawaii!,” and “Sweet” magazines. Will she be in all the covers or just inside features? More »

V6, a Jpop man group, will be releasing their single, “Guilty” in Korea with the help of SM Entertainment.Considering all the groups SM Entertainment have been releasing in Japan, such as BoA, DBSK, and now SHINee, it’s no surprise a big group like V6 would work with SM. More »

Hello loyal BoA fans, BoA has the full release of Bump Bump! w/Mflo music video and its already out for your enjoyment. If you didn’t get the broadcast previously, yes she really does have short hair in this one. More »

Namie Amuro is as busy as ever and her career has been going nowhere but up. Just recently she had her birthday party, her tour was announced on Blu-Ray and now is seen filming a commercial film for Vidal Sassoon. More »

A new track is out from TVXQ’s new Colors Melody and Harmony single titled “Shelter.” Will one of you girls be Changmin’s or Uknow’s shelter and give them a home with your love? More »

BoA appeared the other night at Tokyo Game Show hosted by Famitsu magazine. Famitsu is a magazine dedicated to pure video game coverage. But when it comes to BoA, they have no problems in bending the rules, hehe. More »

BoA released a preview of the anticipated track, Bump Bump! repare for the new release of BoA’s 28th Japanese single. The single Bump Bump features M-Flo’s Verbal. The song will officially come out on October 28th. How ironic, it’s her 28th single on the 28th of October. More »

Do As Infinity just sealed the deal with the Inuyasha soundtrack, and they are just warming up. Their return to music career is ready for fall entitled Eternal Flame, could it be a cover to the old girl band Bangles? Hmm. What we do know is that it will be in English, and we can probably expect a music video in the works. More »

Maki Goto has an album completed and is ready to drop this fall. Besides summer, fall is also a major time for music competition. Like a lot of artists who start out cute, Maki has forgone her cute image in exchange for a mature style with elegant ballads and edgy dance rhythms. Being one of the biggest Jpop veterans of all time, I’m sure this album won’t disappoint. More »

Sometimes the thought of BoA really being double would be an excellent luxury, if not a necessity for her. With recent news for BoA’s US deluxe album, she’s already off to Japan for her new single with Verbal of Japan’s hip hop duo, M-flo, called Bump! Bump! More »

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