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A Taiwanese reporter has become a hot topic lately because she has been described as Kara’s Nicole look alike. An online community as well as an online blog has created a topic titled “Nicole’s doppelganger 100%.” The photo has been gaining a lot of interest lately because from the smiling eyes and smile, the Taiwanese reporter’s likeness to Kara’s Nicole looks exactly similar! More »

With a lot of artists in Asian entertainment, sometimes we cannot keep track of who is releasing what and when. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most anticipated releases in this week. The title of each release links to you to YesAsia for more information or for preorder. More »

Music Portal Bugs! recently made a poll and this time the questions was: “Which Idol/Singer seemed like he/she would be easily fooled on April Fool’s Day.” Votes were counted and SNSD’s Aegyo Queen, Sunny topped the list with 32.15% However, not all netizens agree with this because from Sunny’s participation on the variety show, Invicible Youth, the maknae showed her skills and wit. Some commented, “April Fool’s Day doesn’t apply to Sunny”, “She’s really fast in sensing things. “She will never be fooled.” More »

The one and only Miss Britney Spears has dropped her brand-spanking new album ‘Femme Fatale‘ today! To celebrate the new release, I have found 5 different videos of KPOP idols covering Britney’s songs whether it be vocally or physically. Enjoy them down below! More »

Recently, a set of pictures of Park Gyuri have surfaced onto numerous online forum boards evoking worrisome concerns from fans regarding the idol’s degenerating health. After a two month hiatus from her radio show, on March 21st, the star returned to fulfill her duty as the DJ for MBC radio ‘Shim Shim Ta Pa‘, where the staff prepared a small ‘Welcome Back’ party while taking the opportunity to capture fun filled event. More »

This week, Kara’s Goo Hara donated 100 million won ($89,000) to the Public Social Welfare Fund to help support the survivors of the earthquake. It was reported that she made the donation under her name and not under the agency or Kara. DSP Entertainment only found out about this donation after it was made. More »

Congratulations to user wacky_tomboy for correctly guessing the previous Missing Lyrics with the lyrics to KARA’s Lupin. In Missing Lyrics, your task is to identify the lyrics based on the clues given. The first person to answer correctly will earn 100 EXP points as well as Legion Points for your Mixr Legion. Keep your guesses to Asian songs. More »

With a lot of artists in Asian entertainment, sometimes we cannot keep track of who is releasing what and when. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most anticipated releases in this week. The title of each release links to you to YesAsia for more information or for preorder, because YesAsia is of course the best and most convenient place to order Asian entertainment online. More »

Sweettune, the producers behind KARA’s ‘Honey,’ ‘Mister,’ ‘Lupin,’ and ‘Pretty Girl‘ guest starred on a Hallyu special with NTV’s Friday Super Prime on March 18th and mentioned that KARA’s situation becoming more and more positive. More »

It was announced last year that girl group KARA would be endorsing the footwear brand BEARPAW. Being a worldwide footwear company, BEARPAW is known for their top notch woolen boots and sandals. The girls of KARA did a holiday shoot for Christmas and are now back with another endorsement for the company! More »

Looks like another idol is hopping on the acting wagon! It’s none other than KARA’s Goo Hara who will be making her Korean acting debut through SBS’s newest drama, “City Hunter.” She’s already had some experience with acting through KARA’s Japanese drama, “URAKARA,” but this will mark Goo Hara’s first time acting in Korea. More »

Today’s video of the day, courtesy of lytoe, features KARA’s “I’ll Write You A Letter.” Their remake of Lena Park’s “I’ll Write You A Letter” and a track off Kim Hyung Suk’s “2011 Kim Hyung Suk With Friends Part. 1″ album, this fairytale sand art music video is nothing less of impressive! More »

It has recently been revealed that despite their current issues with their company, KARA will be donating all money made from their most recent Japanese single, “Jet Coaster Love,” to aid in helping Japan after their recent natural disaster. More »

Today’s song of the day, courtesy of nuhaaizanni, features KARA’s “Pretty Girl.” The 2nd track from their 2nd mini-album “Pretty Girl,” this catchy and cutesy song nicely portrays a style distinct to KARA. More »

Despite their disputes with their company, the girls of KARA have recently began to endorse the popular Japanese hair dye brand, Dariya, by releasing their first CF for the company. Check out the CF below: More »

We’ve already heard the song, and now it is time to see if the music video lives up to these same standards. Today with Kara’s 3rd Japanese single, these girls glitter and sparkle in their PV for Jet Coaster Love. More »

Girl group KARA is back with their 3rd Japanese single, “Jet Coaster Love“! After releasing album photos, an audio clip, and a PV teaser, the full PV has fnally been unveiled. Once again, it looks like the girls have a hit on their hands with the vibrant music video and easy to follow along choreography. More »

The KARA girls are an a roll! Having just released the album jacket photos and the audio for their 3rd Japanese single, “Jet Coaster Love,” KARA has unveiled an MV teaser! From the looks of the teaser, the music video will be over exploding with cuteness! More »

Girl group KARA has been steadily gaining popularity in Japan with the release of their two singles “Mr.” and “Jumpin’.” Now, they’re ready to release their newest single “Jet Coaster Love“! Set to be officially released on March 23rd, album jacket photos and the audio have both been unveiled to the public. More »

From Rekuru: Japantimes wrote an article about how K-pop has the Hallyu wave and is taking over Asia while Japan artists mostly stay in Japan. With SNSD and KARA hitting Japan like a tornado, a lot of girls and boys have hopped on the Hallyu wave. In the end, it all comes down to one thing. That Japanese artists do not betray their companies. They call JYJ the “Tohoshinki traitors.” They also talk about how four of the groups of KARA want out of their contracts. More »

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