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Today’s photo of the day, courtesy of Anpanzu, features KARA’s Nicole as a sexy shikshin? The “shik” is taken from the Korean word “eumshik,” which means “food” and shin means “God”– when put together it’s “Food God.” So do you agree Nicole is a sexy food godess? More »

Recently, the central focus has turned towards KARA’s Goo Hara and her relationship with various male idols. With the circulation of Goo Hara’s scandal rumors, KARA’s representatives have expressed their disappointment towards the originator. More »

Despite how cute the couple 2PM’s Chansung and KARA’s Goo Hara may be, it seems the possibility of the couple dating is an extreme low! Earlier in the week, the duo became the central focus after neitizens posted pictures of the two getting ‘physically close’ on the set of ‘Idol King.’ However, the pictures are yet once again determined to be just pure speculations. More »

Recently pictures of KARA’s Goo Hara and 2PM’s Chansung, has been garnering an abundant amount of attention after it was uploaded onto a community site. More »

The girls earlier returned to Japan on February 3rd to continue their Japanese promotions. Despite the ongoing dispute, the girls of KARA seem happy as ever and luckily enough we have proof. During their recording for their new drama, URAKARA, Tokyo TV’s live broadcast of ‘7 Star Bratch’ revealed behind-the-scenes footage of the members. More »

SBS recently aired it’s highly anticipated New Year’s Special, “King of Idols.” For the special show, various members from top idol groups such as 2PM, SHINee, Super Junior, Big Bang, KARA, After School, f(x) and 4minute, flew to Pattaya, Thailand to participate in the recording of “King of Idols” in hope to take the title home. More »

Fuji TV has recently unveiled KARA’s plane seating on their recent flight to Japan on the 3rd. KARA’s seating plan has since become a hot topic amongst fans. More »

Despite Kara having to face some problems they were still able to release their new CF into Japan’s airwaves. Kara teamed up together with Japan’s aesthetics company, TBC to headline their campaign, “Kirei wa, TBC kara” (“Beauty comes from TBC”). The word “Kara” means from. It was also placed in the slogan in to further promote Kara as spokespersons. More »

With their recent situation under a manageable level now, KARA leaves for Japan to continue filming their ongoing drama series, “URAKARA“. Many fans came and saw them off on their flight at Gimpo Airport alongside journalists who gathered too. More »

Popular Korean girl group, KARA has been garnering much success after their debut in Japan, earlier last year. Yet, the girls popularity is yet to seize despite the controversy that the girls are facing. In a recent note, it has just been notified that KARA’s upcoming Japanese concert has been completely sold out in a matter of 10 seconds! More »

Despite the ongoing controversy and dispute between KARA and DSP Media, it has been recently announced that KARA will officially resume their Japanese activities as of next week. More »

After all the havoc that has been circulating the Korean music industry, it seems like things are about to get settled. Park Gyuri, the leader of KARA have finally returned to MBC’s ‘Shindong and Park Gyuri’s Shim Shim Ta Pa’ program. More »

“Women Chosun” has reported that former KARA member, Kim Sung Hee, will be getting married to Yang Won Joon (31), the eldest son of voice actor Yang Ji Woon. For all of you that are unaware, Kim Sung Hee was initially a member of KARA (before Goo Hara and Jiyoung) and was the prominent lead vocalist in KARA during their debut days. Her talent has not gone to waste because now she works as the vocal instructor for aspiring singers. More »

Despite the KARA’s controversy with their mother company DSP Media, the girls have spoken up and confesses to having no tension within the group. However it seems that fellow member, Goo Hara’s actions have spoken otherwise. More »

Despite the circulating controversy with the three estranged members of KARA and DSP Media, both parties are trying to reach a compromise. Both parties met up on an earlier basis and unveiled their proposals but it seems the issue hasn’t been settled of any time yet. It was just revealed that KARA and DSP Media are undergoing a second round of negotiations. More »

KARA recently became the new models for Japanese aesthetics company, “TBC” prior to their controversial dispute with mother company, DSP Media. Due to the dispute, many fans are speculating the girl’s future as the endorsing models for the company. More »

A meeting between the three members of KARA and DSP Media was scheduled on the 25th in order to find a compromise that satisfies both parties. Yesterday we received an update regarding the issue while DSP expressed that they possessed clear intentions negotiating with the members in hope that KARA would continue promotions/schedules in Korea and Japan. More »

In the last week or so, it was first announced that the three members of KARA would be filing for a contract termination. The controversy regarding Nicole’s mother not only has been pressuring the girls but for the parents of the members as well. With reassurance from KARA, their parents and DSP Media regarding the girls staying as a group of five, many are still speculating a disbandment. However, many large names have spoken upon the issue and in one of the many includes one of the richest men in Japan, Masayoshi Son (孫正義/손정의). More »

We earlier reported that the three ‘estranged’ members of KARA would be meeting up with their company in hope of finding a compromise with, DSP Media. An update of the meeting that was scheduled for the 25th between DSP Media and the girls have been released. More »

KARA’s dispute with DSP Media has sent shock waves throughout the industry, causing more havoc than it should. However, it seems their may be a dim light of hope as DSP Media has just announced that they will be trying their absolute best in reaching a compromise with the three KARA members who filed for contract terminations. More »

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