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Today’s daily rant is about idols smoking. I myself, am against smoking however some times it gets out of hand and it causes fans to go crazy over the fact their idols are smoking. More »

When watching Korean dramas, we all tend to fall in love with the main characters. However, in many dramas, besides the leads, there’s always that one character you always look forward to seeing. Maybe because those side characters have the super cute roles, who are dorky and hilarious or are just amazingly hot and full of charisma. They don’t have as much lines or appearances as the mains, but they are still very important and just makes the drama so much more lovable. Here are my top 7 favorite side characters in Korean dramas in no particular order. More »

What better way to charm the ladies than thrusting your pelvis around all erotic-like on stage, right? Sex sells and BEAST’s Ki Kwang is fully aware of that. Cue the grinding… More »

In last week’s B2ST pin challenge, we challenged you to play Keep Running. Those who scored 20+ points won a Yo Seob pin while those in the top two won AJ (Gi Gwang) pins. More »

In order for B2ST to keep up with all the comebacks happening this month, they have to keep running…to the top of the charts. Keep running, like this week’s pin challenge: Keep Running. More »

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