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From Rekuru: This year was a busy year for Nintendo’s handheld, with heaps upon heaps of games released over the course of 2009. Amidst the onslaught of titles to be released though, 2009 also marked the release of some of the most original, as well as best, titles for the system. Below, I’ve compiled a list of ten games that stood above the rest. If you haven’t played these titles, it’s time to start spending that christmas money from grandma. More »

Square Enix really knows how to impress an audience. At Tokyo Game Show, they featured four Kingdom Hearts trailers, one of which was the upcoming DS game: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

The trailer featured various mind blowing teasers that included Organization XIII members, the return of Riku and Mickey, various ass kicking and a new character, Xion. The drama didn’t just stop there, at the end the words “February 2009” flashed leaving me completely thrilled and depressed. Note that this is first to be released in Japan leaving the rest of us non-Japanese speakers to wait it out in the cold.

In addition to the DS game, Square Enix plans to release Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep for PSP and Kingdom Hearts 3 for rumored PS3, both of which are still TBA. More »

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