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Unexpectedly, f(x)’s Krystal had tears of nervousness for her beautiful performance of ‘Kiss and Cry.’ A broadcast of SBS’s ‘Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry‘ behind the scenes will be held on August 21st, which will be talking about the pairing of f(x)’s Krystal and Lee Dong Hoon. More »

f(x)’s Krystal and Dong Hoon bested the other competitors to win Kiss and Cry and their reward came in the form of having the chance to perform at Kim Yuna’s ice show for All That Skate Summer 2011. More »

Kiss and Cry is entering its final stages of competition and its competitors are busy gearing up for the Grand Prix performance! More »

f(x)’s Krystal proved that she’s also amazing when it comes to figure skating as she received the highest score ever given on “Kiss & Cry“! More »

f(x)’s Krystal admitted that she had almost killed her figure skating partner, Lee Dong Hoon, during practice for their performance in Kim Yuna’s show ‘Kiss and Cry‘! More »

With her recent elimination from SBS’s ‘Kiss and Cry,’ IU has now found time to focus on her studies. More »

On the episode of SBS’s “Kiss & Cry“, f(x) member Krystal gave an excellent stunning circus-themed performance on ice for the third round of the competition. More »

The cast of ‘Kiss and Cry‘ have undergone some harsh training to show off their newly found figure skating skills and now, the show has decided to release some cute caricatures of the cast! More »

On June 21st, SNSD’s Jessica showed up during her sister’s, f(x)’s Krystal, practice session for variety show “Kim Yuna’s Kiss and Cry” at SBS’s Ilsan Production Center. Jessica sat in the front row cheering on her sister, and the two were seen greeting each other in a photo posted on the program’s official Twitter. More »

Earlier, Kim Yuna and IU got together to sing the theme song for “Kiss and Cry” and now, the MV for “Ice Flower” has been released! More »

TVXQ’s Yunho was able to swing the night away as he wow’d the audience with his suave “Summer Night” performance together with partner Claudia Mueller. They had a total combined score of 40.1, making them finish at the 8th spot for the time being. Though he did a magnificent job, an unaired clip from SBS’s “Kiss and Cry” showed that Yunho had actually performed with a severe leg injury. More »

Singer IU has recently been working practicing hard for SBS’s ‘Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry‘ to shed her image of being an unskilled dancer. It has been revealed that IU practices for long hours everyday to improve her dancing. On the 16th, Loen Entertainment stated in an interview, “In taking on the the challenge of figure skating and ridding herself of her image, IU doesn’t skip a day of practice and is continuing to practice diligently.” More »

IU impressed many viewers and judges with her strong performance on Kiss&Cry as her cheerleading routine with Choi In Hwa led the two to receive a score of 32.6. More »

It has been announced that IU and Kim Yuna will be collaborating with each other in order to sing the title song of “Kiss and Cry“’s title song, “Ice Flower.” Officially finishing the recording of the song in the studio, a lot were impressed by Kim Yuna’s singing skills, despite the fact that she isn’t a professional singer. More »

Although SBS’s “Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry” already changed their broadcast time, it seems that the show is still receiving poor ratings as according to AGB Nielson Media Research, the viewer ratings of the June 5th broadcast of the show was 5.7%, which is 2.5% lower than their May 29th broadcast, which came in at 8.2%. More »

On the upcoming episode of SBS’s “Kim Yuna’s Kiss and Cry,” f(x)’s Krystal teamed up with professional skater Lee Dong Hoon and performed to “Romeo and Juliet.” More »

SBS’s newest show “Kiss & Cry” finally aired it’s first episode on May 22nd. The show line-up itself is jam-packed with 10 famous stars - Kim Byung Man, Yunho, IU, Son Dambi, Lee Kyu Hyuk, Krystal, Suh Ji Suk, Park Joon Geum, Lee Ah Hyun, and Jin Ji Hee. All of these hopefuls are competing for a chance to appear in “Kim Yuna’s Ice Show” this August. So who will win? My guess is that it will be DBSK’s Jung Yunho. More »

As we all know, f(x)’s Krystal is participating in Kim Yuna’s Kiss and Cry. When filming an episode, Krystal suddenly screamed that made everyone turn their attention to her. Why did she scream? More »

In the recent recording of “Kim Yuna’s Kiss and Cry,” TVXQ’s Yunho, who participated in the Michael Jackson tribute concert last year, recently showed his impressive ice dancing skills in the show, which earned a lot of praise from the audience. Due to Yunho’s impressive moonwalk and spins, the audience completely forgot that he was actually dancing on ice. His sophisticated stage manner, as well as, his first attempt at a new visual medium received a great cheer from everyone. More »

We’re still a couple weeks away from Kim Yuna and her show on SBS, Kiss and Cry. This will be a reality/variety program where idol stars will learn how to figure skate and compete against each other, similar to Dancing With the Stars. More »

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