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Today’s GIF of the Day features a few Super Junior members posing for a picture! There’s Siwon flexing his muscles, the all-famous Lady Hee Hee looking glamorous as usual, a cute Ryeowook showing off his aegyo skills, and… The Evil Kyu looking just a bit demented. Creepy grin closeup for all the maknae’s fans! I couldn’t help but laugh. More »

The KPOP idols I listed are perfect for Homecoming, even through it was so hard to pick them out from all those guys. These lists sure love to take us to fantasy but I still have hope if not for this year (because my Homecoming is in a week) I can take Leeteuk or Jay Park as my date for next year! More »

With their numerous commitments on TV programs and their hilarious personality, Super Junior are undoubtedly the Kings of Variety Shows. Super Junior’s great potential has led many to believe that they could very well be the next generation of national MC’s. More »

After Heechul left for the military service, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun had become a temporary MC for MBC’s ‘Radio Star‘ to replace him, along with comedians Kim Guk Jin, Kim Gura, and Yoon Jong Shin. The reason the maknae was chosen was because the MCs felt that they wanted to keep the role of a younger figure to provide contrast against the three older MCs. More »

The evil maknaes of SM Entertainment are it once more! Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and DBSK’s Changmin show their love and support for CNBLUE’s Jonghyun! More »

As the summer promises a time for fun, laziness, and heat, it eventually came to an end where school is starting, the weather is changing, and all the stress you’re afraid of comes! Let’s reminisce about those fun summer times that is leaving us. I present to you 10 Hottest Idol CFs of the Summer. More »

For Sones who can’t fully support the unnies (or noonas) in terms of their relationship, this is your warning! Because SNSD members had been a guest on SBS’s ‘Strong Heart‘, and had revealed a surprising news that some SNSD members are currently in love, or involved in a love relationship! More »

We all know that Kyuhyun successfully kicks butt in a lot of things; being an infamous Starcraft player, and having to die for vocals are included topics. This time however, we mean butt kicking in its literal term which therefore only means one thing; Kyuhyun likes kicking the butts of fellow members. More »

Super Junior released a cute short film on Inkigayo to help stress the idea of following the rules! Super Junior shows that you only need Yesung dressed in a black vest to help make the world a better place! More »

On September 10th, KBS’s ‘Immortal Song 2‘ aired its 15th episode! More »

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun will be participating in his last stage for Immortal Song 2 and he has prepared quite the stage for this week’s theme, “Singing the Legend - Nam Jin”. For this stage, he prepared a special interpretation of Nam Jin’s With Thee. More »

Remember that time when Henry tweeted about how embarrassing it was when he ripped his pants while performing “Perfection” at the Tokyo Dome for the SM Town 2011 World Tour Concert in Japan. Fortunately, a fan was able to catch that and uploaded on youtube. Even though it the video was mostly focusing on Kyuhyun, you can clearly see his white underpants with the black pants he was wearing. More »

SMTOWN recently held a successful 3-day concert at the Tokyo Dome for SMTOWN Live in Tokyo special edition where they performed in front of 150,000 fans during the three days. It seems like all the artists had fun and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun shared a picture that he took with two of his favorite SMTOWN peeps. More »

Idols have been wearing cardigans like crazy be it female or male. There were so many pictures of them that I decided to do one group at a time. The first one is Super Junior. Every member of Super Junior has worn a cardigan before and even multiple times. More »

For the past two weeks, Super Junior Kyuhyun has placed 1st on KBS 2TVImmortal Songs 2‘ and fellow member Ryeowook took to his Twitter account to congratulate the talented maknae. More »

KBS’ ‘Immortal Song 2‘ is back with another great episode of performances! This week’s mission required the artists to chose either a dance or ballad song they feel the most confidence in. More »

Recently, Super Junior’s Leeteuk became the “dad” of the 4th season for KBS JOY’s ‘Hello Baby‘, while his co-stars SISTAR became the ”mommies”. This topic has been drawing a lot of attention amongst his friends and family. More »

It’s okay to admit that most of us are attracted by the looks of an idol or an idol group first, then perhaps move on to the less good-looking ones because of their talent. Which, what it means in the intelligent companies’ ears, means that guys need to be either adorable or chocolate muscles from head to toe, and girls to be thin, and preferably tall. If any fans sees a single picture that falls out of the picture, their company squeezes the fat out of them, if there’s any at all. More »

It seems to be a time for siblings to perform joint stages! Super Junior’s Kyuhyun will be holding a joint stage with older sister, Cho Ara, who is a violinist. The two will perform to “A Study of Memory”. More »

Super Junior’s Leeteuk dropped a shocking revelation on the recent episode of Strong Heart! More »

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