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The Nonexistent Youth Bill, which was introduced in May, saw a lot of controversy even before it was put up for voting. The aim of the bill was to create guidelines to prohibits minors from buying explicit manga or anime material that featured characters that look or sound under the legal age limit. Well, the bill has recently been rejected by the Assembly. More »

The Japanese parliament has been debating regulation of explicit manga material for some time now. One current bill in debate is known as the “Nonexistent Youth” bill, which prohibits minors to buy explicit manga or anime material that feature characters that look or sound under the legal age limit. More »

Since 1992, Singapore has upheld a law that if you broke it, you could get caned (yeowch!). A pretty painful punishment for chewing gum but there’s a good reason for that. More »

Recently, Korean media law has taken some huge strides. They are dead serious this time. KBS has been seen taking action against smaller video sharing blogs. Blogs that do not even share CDs or tour dvds but only TV material. You know, stuff that you could watch for FREE if you only lived in Korea, stuff that feeds you becoming a fan in the first place. More »

Mahvish Rukhsana Khan is an American lawyer, born to immigrant Pashtun parents in Michigan. While persuing a law degree at the University of Miami, she became enraged by the illegal detainment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. Having grown up listening to her mother tell her “Now is not the time to be complacent,” Khan felt compelled to help any way she could. With her fluency in Pashto and a familiarity with Afghan cultures and customs that no other “habeas” lawyer with security clearance had, she was quickly taken on as an interpreter for Afghan detainees. Six months later, in January 2006, Khan was on her way to Guantanamo Bay. Her role with the detainees quickly developed. She began providing supervised legal counsel and traveled to Afghanistan to find exonerating evidence for prisoners. More »

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