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We’ve all been waiting for the first episode of Leeteuk/Kang Sora to air on WGM, and it did. But it was pretty torturous not being able to know what they were talking about, especially when Super Junior and Leeteuk are such awesome entertainers. More »

ELFs had been anticipating a new Super Junior member to be on the variety show “We Got Married” after Kangin, which had eventually be determined to be our leader Leeteuk with actress Kang Sora. More »

Fans have been anticipating the newest couple on We Got Married, which had recently been revealed to be Super Junior’s Leeteuk and actress Kang Sora. And seems like ELFs will have to wait no more as the first episode of the couple has just been aired!! More »

Even with all the stuff on his plate already, Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk has still decided to enter MBC’s “We Got Married“, in which he had revealed his nervousness for when he had first met his new wife. More »

On October 7th, MBC‘s “We Got Married” confirmed that Leeteuk and Kang Sora will be the new couple addition to the program. A photo of the two holding hands recently emerged online, creating a buzz among netizens. More »

Here comes the bride…and Teukie!!! Leeteuk is getting married and of course, the Super Junior members are invited! Super Junior’s Sungmin graciously posted pictures of the invitation and wrote about it on his blog too! More »

After successfully completing his recording as the new MC of SBS‘s ‘Star King‘, Super Junior’s Leeteuk headed to his Twitter to express his feelings on his new position. More »

Super Junior’s Leeteuk recently shared his thoughts on becoming the new MC for variety show “Star King” alongside entertainer Boom. More »

Super Junior’s Leeteuk had been recently chosen as one of the MCs on SBS’s ‘Star King‘ as a replacement Kang Ho Dong. Upon hearing the news, Choi Siwon gave his fellow member some words of encouragement as Leeteuk prepares for his first day of recording. More »

As we all know already, SISTAR is currently doing the TV show program “Hello Baby”, alongside with Super Junior’s Leeteuk. And as we’ve all expected, SISTAR’s labelmate Boyfriend has made a guest appearance on the show. The best part is, the boys had given us some nice ear candies during their stay. More »

It seems that Super Junior was quite bored while waiting during this week’s Music Bank as Donghae recently revealed a picture of him with his members Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Leeteuk. More »

Many rumors speculated that Super Junior’s Leeteuk was going to be the next couple of “We Got Married”. Although the producers denied this rumor, a preview of the next “We Got Married” featured all of the currently promoting Super Junior boys. More »

Super Junior’s Leeteuk made an appearance on the September 30th broadcast of KBS’s “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” and talked about the hardships of being an idol. More »

Heechul, with such a large social base, loves to upload pictures of himself with other idols to show off the people he encountered in his daily life. More »

When you think of Super Junior’s Heechul, what crosses your mind immediately? His handsome good looks? His scary 4D personality and his Chocoball fellows? Or maybe, his super amazing, beautiful face that makes a girl jealous? Well I suppose if you combine them all, you’d probably get a whole list of his awesome crossdressing moments that shows off his greatest inner Heechul that petals just love. More »

On September 29th, Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk and Shindong appeared on MBC‘s cable channel Every1 and shared a story exposing fellow member Siwon’s sensitive side. More »

The PD for MBC’s variety show ‘We Got Married‘ has revealed that there will only be one new couple added to the show and that one partner will be an idol! More »

It had been Shindong’s birthday recently, and his fellow Super Junior members (except for Shisus) had apparently decided to set up a surprise for the birthday boy. More »

The KPOP idols I listed are perfect for Homecoming, even through it was so hard to pick them out from all those guys. These lists sure love to take us to fantasy but I still have hope if not for this year (because my Homecoming is in a week) I can take Leeteuk or Jay Park as my date for next year! More »

With their numerous commitments on TV programs and their hilarious personality, Super Junior are undoubtedly the Kings of Variety Shows. Super Junior’s great potential has led many to believe that they could very well be the next generation of national MC’s. More »

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