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Other than a few video clips and rumors floating about, there is really not much known about the to-be Wonder Girl Hae Lim. More »

Don’t be fooled by the youthful exuberance flowing out of him, because the king of C-pop Jacky Cheung will be turning 49 this year. On a radio show yesterday, Jacky was asked if he was planning on having any more children, to which he gave a prompt “no.” More »

The drama of Sun Mi leaving the Wonder Girls has yet to slow down. It’s far too early. With the fading of drama from the Jaebum 2PM camp, however, this case keeps JYP still very high in the news. If you need to know what’s up, Sun Mi left Wonder Girls and so did the K-pop fans hearts fall apart, more in my Vol.1 summary. More »

You probably all know about 2NE1 and Big Bang’s cell phone promoting song called “Lollipop,” but you may not be aware that the LG Lollipop cell phone is also hitting China, entailing a Chinese version of the song. The recently released song is a collaboration between Korean girl group f(x) and Chinese guy group M.I.C.. My guess is they chose f(x) due to the fact that two of the five members speak fluent Mandarin. So now the question is: Who did it better? More »

The Chinese music industry has been somewhat lacking lately, with notable artists such as Leehom Wang and Jay Chou going into a sort of musical remission. Korea seems to be stealing the show, and I was excited to find that JJ Lin had recently released an album back on December 24th. I decided to give it a listen and was pleasantly surprised. More »

I don’t want to sound like I’m being xenophobic towards China or anything, but is it okay to say that I’m not surprised at how Chinese media censored President Obama’s inauguration speech? As someone who hates censorship in any forms, it’s ironic that I can sort of see why they did it, but at the same time I do not agree with it.

Censorship is a mean to hide or prevent information from being known to the common public. However, it just seems odd that the Chinese translation of the speeches are changed, but they left the speech alone in English — but then again, the English speech is already all over the internet, so I guess they can’t do much about it. Nonetheless, I guess the Chinese officials are hoping that most of their people do not access English website or know English to understand the original speech. I do hope they realize that there are multilingual citizens in China, so to censor the information around like that is pretty pointless.

On a more positive note, yay for President Obama! Woo hoo!

Learning Chinese Through Tone & Color presents a visual system for English speakers learning Mandarin. The book is currently in the Top 40 at for Asian language instruction. We got a hold of linguist and author Nathan Dummitt to talk about his new book.

Ningin: What’s your linguistic background? How many languages can you speak?

Nathan: I first realized that I had an intense interest in languages relatively late in life - after I finished college and was teaching English at a high school in Japan in my early 20s. Since then I’ve dabbled in a few languages, all for varying lengths of time and with varying degrees of success, including: Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Korean, French and Russian. I’m really only comfortable in the first three, due largely to the fact that my wife is Japanese and we live in a Chinatown (New York City). I am finishing my master’s degree in Linguistics at the CUNY Graduate Center this spring. More »

Shi qi sui de tian kong is the original title for this 2004 Taiwanese film. All I can say is that I think I prefer the English title because it’s much easier to remember. However, I think the title should be called Taming of the Playboy instead. Now I am wondering, though, which is easier to tame: a playboy or a shrew? However, that rhetorical question needs to be put on hold while I review this film. And by the way, it’s a gay film, so if it’s not your cup of tea, don’t click to read more. More »

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