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It’s been a while since we’ve seen Dalmatian on stage, but fans won’t need to wait too much longer as the guys have revealed an video and photo teasers for Daniel to prepare for their return. More »

Today’s video of the day features MC Mong feat. Mellow’s “Sick Enough To Die.” This semi-catchy track depicts an ex-love story where the guy can’t forget about the girl.

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Dalmatian’s contract with IS Entermedia Group has expired, and they’ve decided to sign under a new label, Two Walks Entertainment. More »

Today’s video of the day features a Xiah Junsu’s and his twin brother Junho’s “I Love You Oh Thank You.” A cover of MC Mong’s 2008 song, how do our readers think they did? Placing my DBSK biassness aside… I really prefer the Kim twins version over the original!

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Girl’s Generation. Words can’t simply describe how much they have contributed into spreading the whole KPOP outside Korea. Of course, we all know how sexy and at the same time talented these girls are. Most of SNSD’s songs are not strangers to any male idol group. Most male idols or groups challenges themselves into imitating SNSD’s hit songs, such as Gee and Genie being the most popular. Having have said all of these, let me list down 5 male idols/groups dancing to SNSD’s songs. More »

MC Mong returned to court on July 20th to begin his trial of appeal. He was previously in court following charges for suspicion of wilfully evading mandatory military service. More »

Forgive me for making this extraordinarily Korean-pop-centric, but as it is the one thing I know best in Asian pop, you’ll have to bear with me. It has been a momentous year for Korean pop, at least, though there have been extreme strides made in Japanese pop and Chinese pop. Keep reading for some of the biggest moments. More »

KBS has placed a ban on MC Mong, Sin Jeong-hwan, Kim Seong-min, and Crown J. KBS has been known to ban entertainers who have aroused social criticism with immoral or illegal behavior in the past. More »

Sadly, MC Mong has been living a quiet life since controversy broke out that he’d been dodging military service by yanking out his teeth. As of now, he’s still under investigation. Meaning his career and celebrity life is placed on hold for now. Read on to see what MC Mong has been up to these past weeks. More »

MC Mong, who is in the middle of his military exemption controversy, has a possibility of getting kicked out of one of the most popular shows in Korea, 1N2D. Sneaky netizens were quick enough to pick out his replacement. Their number one choice went to Lee Jung, who was recently discharged from military. More »

On June 14th, 2008 (which was two years ago) SBS’s Star King presented a child psychic, Lee So Bin, who claimed to have supernatural powers. She said that MC Mong had committed a major crime. He indeed has been involved in a military exemption controversy lately, and looking back at what this girl said, she sounded as if she knew about the whole ordeal. More »

The controversy with MC Mong’s visit to the dentist has really been getting out of control lately. The police have now stepped in to handle this matter. There are two sides to this, both set in there ways that what they say is the truth, so who can you trust? I really want to believe and support MC Mong, but the situation is getting harder and harder to make sense out of it. More »

After getting edited out on the recent episode of 1N2D, Korean rapper/singer MC Mong will not be on 1N2D for a while. MC Mong is currently part of The HahaMong Show and 1N2D, and the producers of these two programs had a joint meeting because netizens criticized them for still having MC Mong in their shows. More »

Korean rapper/singer MC Mong has been causing quite a stir lately (purposely dodging enlistment), which will affect his popular television show, 1N2D. In order to prevent netizens from criticizing and causing more controversy, the producers of this show decided to get rid of MC Mong’s cuts as much as possible for the new upcoming episode. More »

After it was revealed that MC Mong had indeed been pulling his teeth out to evade military service, viewers are rallying to get the man off ‘HaHa Mong Show.’ What will they call it if he leaves, just the HaHa Show? More »

Today’s song of the day, courtesy of YooXJoong, features K.Will and MC Mong’s “Love 119.” Creating a storm in early 2009 with its heartwarming lyrics, powerful vocals and awesome rapping, this ballad singer and popular rapper combo was a sure hit! If you haven’t heard it before. Take a listen below, highly recommended by yours truly. More »

Korean singer/rapper MC Mong was accused of taking out his teeth to avoid getting enlisted in military before. The police finally found truth in regards to this. More »

Get ready for another male idol group,

Popular Korean singer MC Mong was at the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office (located in Seoul) on August 18th for questioning. He ended up spending four hours due to numerous questions regarding the authorities’ suspicion of MC Mong purposely trying to avoid getting drafted. More »

So far we’ve had some successful comebacks and debuts in the Kpop world for the first half of 2010. But which songs have made the most impression among music listeners? Let’s find out! More »

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