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It’s true. BoA’s debut album drops only 9 days from now and Ningin is on it!

We brought you an exclusive interview with the massive Asian pop star back in December and now we’re back with more BoA in 2009! We redesigned her Ningin page just for her. In return, BoA was sweet enough to write a letter herself to her fans.

Remember! Her album gets its official American release in a few days but you can preorder the album today and win some awesome giveaways from Ningin. Our giveaway supply is limited so do it now or never! More »

So as it turns out, Asians are pretty good dancers. Thank you Jabbawockeez and Super Cr3w and all the other Asian crews from the first two seasons of America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV. You’ve completely dispelled a long, long time standing negative stereotype of Asians and you did it in basically one year. That’s the amazing thing to me. Not that other Asians on other tv shows didn’t have an impact. The combination of Jabba’s greatness and the shear reach of MTV provided a perfect opportunity. Funny, what happens when you categorically dismissed 3.5 billion people’s ability to do something.

Since ABDC has a special significance for Asian media, it has a special significance for Ningin. As you’ve noticed, we’ve expanded our coverage of ABDC with two bloggers writing recaps and commentaries. Ningin blogger, Tiffinie Lee will be covering the show live. They’ll be contests, at least two of them, cuz everyone loves free stuff. Of course, we’ll also have stills and videos of the Asian crews in the show. There’s other stuff we’re still trying to confirm, so just expect more than what I just listed. All of this is neatly presented in our special ABDC microsite which you should bookmark for the next 8 weeks!

Make sure to follow the progress of Beat Freaks, Boxcuttuhz, Quest, and Team Millennia with us! More »

Boa Kwon, easily one of Asia’s biggest pop stars, is crossing over to the United States. Even casual fans of Boa know that this is what she’s been groomed for since she was a little kid. However, preparation and talent can only go so far. There’s a lot of factors beyond Boa’s and her management’s control.

The number one reason why we started Ningin was for events such as this. Everyone here has a serious passion about Asian media and would love nothing more than to see Boa and every other Asian pop star succeed worldwide. When Boa’s management contacted us to help promote Boa’s US arrival, we were extremely thrilled to say the least. We understand that communities like Ningin have important roles to play in making changes and so we’re taking this very seriously.


Starting today for the next five days, we’ll be posting articles, photos, and DVD-quality video related to Boa. We created our own special flash video player (nicknamed the Boa Player) just to accomplish this feat. We’ll take a deep look into her history, her achievements, and her goals. We’re even going analytical and see why Asian pop stars have a hard time crossing over. As mentioned before, we have an exclusive video interview with Boa herself and we’ve put together a professional camera team to go film it. Oh, and all this content will be available to download and share under the Creative Commons license. So please download! More »

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