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Today is a historic day on Ningin. Ok, not really. But something interesting did happen, cheekybodacious did not finish in the top three for this week. Neither did ryu00. Was there a full moon recently? There must have been some unusual astrological disturbance for this non-event to occur. More »

One month down and no major bugs or crashes with our EXP system. I’m really happy about that. This means we can build from it and add cooler things to do down the road. Though I bet most of you don’t care about and just want to know who the winners for the month of May are. So without further ado: More »

Today is the last day of May. It’s also the last day to score points for our May EXP contest, which I see that some of you are frantically doing. For the month, first and second are pretty much locked up. 3rd place, not so much. It’ll be interesting to see who’ll eventually finish in that spot with half a day to go. More »

I hope everyone is having a nice Memorial Day weekend. Well those that live in America anyway. We have a new winner for the first time since starting this competition! Misters0freshh beats out cheekybodacious for the #1 spot with a strong push on Saturday! ryu00 again finishes 3rd, this time with a much wider margin. More »

Twice now I’ve seen a last minute Saturday night push by someone to make it into the top 3. This time it’s ryu00 that knocked out Choochi. (The first was on 5/3.) Perhaps Choochi was being nice and let ryu00 win since she already won last week? The margin between 3rd and 4th is less than 10 points, so all Choochi had to do was comment a few times on Saturday… More »

Cheekybodacious is now 3 for 3 since we started doing this promotion. Can anyone challenge him? Misters0freshh, you were a close second, perhaps next week. Choochi rounds out the top 3, though Siralop7 made a strong push on Saturday to jump from 8th to 3rd. More »

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