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Former Brown Eyed Girls member Yoari, the indie-girl gone mainstream, recently released the full version to her intriguing music video for ‘Excuse Me‘. I say intriguing because in the MV, she expresses her emotions by snipping her hair off. Britney Spears, anyone? More »

Once member of the group Super Junior, Hangeng is showing signs of taking the solo path very seriously as he’s set to perform at his very own solo concert in Beijing, China! More »

At a recent World Cup concert to cheer on South Korea, 4Minute’s Hyuna was seen in a shirt with big holes on the side exposing a lot of skin. Apparently, too much skin for the Korean audience. More »

Lee Hyori is switching teams, leaving Mnet Media and joining B2m Entertainment after things started getting a little nasty over plagiarism accusations. More »

2NE1 member Sandara Park recently uploaded a photo onto her me2day account which revealed that she would be making an appearance in the music video for one of Taeyang’s tracks in his upcoming Solar album. More »

With the recent release of the music video for T.O.P.’s solo single, Turn It Up, fans have been raving about the sexy Big Bang member! The good news doesn’t stop there, though as it’s currently available for purchase on iTunes. In fact, the single is rising up iTunes charts More »

Super Junior will finally end their ‘Bonamana‘ promotions. For those of you expecting a follow up single from their 4th album, hold your horses because Super Junior’s moving fast by releasing a repackaged version of ‘Bonamana’, including a brand new song titled ‘No Other‘. More »

Earlier this month, BoA released the teaser for her upcoming song, entitled “Woo Weekend.” Well, the promotional video for the song has been apparently released, and it’s slowly making its way onto various video sites. Get your fill here on Ningin! More »

From Wirebot:

Japanese beatboxer, Hikakin, has released video of him performing a Super Mario themed music session. There are 5 classic Mario themes mixed in there, how many can you identify? More »

One of my jams of the summer, Big Bang’s ‘Tell Me Goodbye‘, was recently covered in English, and just wait til you hear this. More »

Shortly after the release of her H-Logic album, Lee Hyori was slammed with multiple plagiarism accusations, almost making her album invalid. After her promotions, Hyori released her own personal statement about the situation, acknowledging the plagiarism. Well, it looks like Mnet is finally going to take it to the next step and will be suing Bahnus Vacuum, the company behind this controversy. More »

I think by now, most of you have come to realize that I am not a fan of Hyun Ah’s appearance in Navi’s song, “Wasteful Tears.” Well, it’s the opposite case in a recently released music video by Navi, because instead of a Hyun Ah appearance, it’s a K.Will appearance! More »

It was allegedly announced earlier this year that 4minute member Jiyoon would be getting a solo album sometime in March. That date passed with no word at all, and fans were confused as to why exactly Hyun Ah got two solos while Jiyoon got none. Well, it seems like the Jiyoon solo debut turned out to be a “misunderstanding,” according to Cube Entertainment. That’s right; Jiyoon is NOT getting a solo debut. More »

As One is a singing duo composed of Korean-Americans Lee Min Young and Crystal Chae. Releasing their first single in 1999, the group has endured for over a decade, and their new EP, entitled ASONE Season 1, has just recently been released! Keep reading to check it out! More »

Big Bang’s TOP has finally released his brand new solo track titled ‘Turn It Up.’ It was previewed back in January during Big Bang’s live concert shows, and while we all forgot about it, YG managed to surprise us all with the release of the full length MV. Turn it up loud! More »

YG Entertainment previously released 2 song titles for Taeyang’s upcoming solo album, “Solar.” As of June 21, YG’s homepage has been updated with an additional 4 songs! More »

If you checked Taeyang’s page on YG’s Bigbang’s official web site recently, you’ll notice a totally new teaser picture and, of course, an official D-Day countdown! More »

The boys of Dae Guk Nam Ah, otherwise known as D-NA, have made their comeback this week with their latest track ‘Stumble Stumble‘. They hit the stage of Music Core in some interesting ensembles, take a look. More »

The singer/songwriter from Hong Kong, G.E.M., has just released a new song for us to hear! The song, entitled “Good to be Bad,” is a Cantonese-language song to be included on her upcoming album. More »

Sometimes I feel like there are Asian songs out there that just have rap parts for the sake of having a rap part. Sometimes it works out well, and sometimes it just makes the song incredibly awkward. Today’s post will be showing off some of both scenarios… But more of the latter. I’ll leave you guys to decide whether or not the rap was a good or bad edition. Check out these five songs that I picked out: More »

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